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I'm 20, I like Pokemon, Sword Art Online, Bleach, Fairy Tail, and several other mangas and animes, and riding quads and dirt bikes. I found a BETA! Thanks, Raichu! I would like to write a story for SAO, but I haven't finished the light novels, and don't currently have access to Volumes 1-7. I do, however, have access to the Progressive novels.

Edit 11/1/16: ;-; I haven't had much motivation to write Kanto Sweep recently, but due to the Bleach manga ending, I plan to write a Bleach fanfic.

Edit 6/7/17: I've had a couple more ideas, and I plan to publish a one-shot of One Punch Man soon. As a heads-up, I tend to listen to Skillet, DragonForce, and various anime OSTs while I come up with my ideas, so if that explains anything, well, there you go. Mind you, these most likely won't affect my writing for Kanto Sweep, but for my OPM one-shot, as well as the Bleach story I have in the works, it'll definitely have bearing there. ;)

Edit 7/21/17: I've found motivation to write some more in Kanto Sweep! I also just noticed that its prologue is outdated, so I updated it this morning. Look forward to getting the revised version of Pallet Town soon as well!

Edit 11/1/17: So, turns out I'm more interested in The Subterranean Apocalypse than Operation Kanto Sweep. XD Look forward to seeing a second chapter for it soon, I'm just waiting for some Beta input!

Edit 11/10/17: Second chapter of The Subterranean Apocalypse is up! Give a big hand to Yandere Shoujo for all the help!

Edit 3/2/19: So... a year since I last updated... sounds familiar. :P Anyway, I should have another chapter up for The Subterranean Apocalypse soon, then disappear for another 2 years due to IRL things.

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