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I'm just a reader, not an author. I created this profile to submit reviews (something I rarely do, I'm ashamed to admit) and to use the "favorites" to keep track of some of the better stories. For those that are interested, I'll put down some completed stories that I enjoyed below. I'm going to blatently plagerize what appears in the story listing or favorites menu. The reason I'm not leaving them in the favorites is twofold. One, so that I don't have to remind myself that they're not going to be updated since their finished. Two, to conserve space sinec I've managed to hit the limit.

First of all, all those of you who are fans of Ranma and Akane matchups from the anime/manga Ranma 1/2 should read The Bitter End by Zen. Zen's page is gone, but his work still lives on on the RACC archive.

You can find a direct FTP link to the story here (Gzipped)

There is an HTTP mirror at h t t p : / / w w w . f a n f i c . n e t for those browsers that don't automatically decode the gziped file. The direct link to the story is here.

I've been told that there are problems with both the above links, and this was a suggested alternative: The Bitter End

Other on-site stories:

Shades of Home
by Suiyou
Will Ranma find life in the shadowes more welcoming than his life back in Nerima? Tune in and see. OC and OOC Alternate Universe!

The Neon Genesis Goddess Trilogy by Slaye6 . I've just included a link to the author's profile since there are multiple stories.
Alternate Universe, Crossover, What happens when a Goddess becomes one of the children to pilot Eva? Completed

Horse of the Leaf by Hibiki54
Magic mushrooms. A stolen scroll. This is all that Mousse needs to finally get rid of Ranma! And it works! In another world, a man finds a child and is order by the Hokage to raise the boy to be a good citizen of the Hidden Village of Konoha..(Completed)

Little Angel Lost by Ryo-Oki
Ms. Hinako is sick, possibly dieing and only her favorite student can help. The 12th and final chapter of book 1 of this story has jsut been uploaded on October, 15 2004

Right Moments by Judah
Ranma must discover what he wants and who he loves in a never-ending day that is a spiritual journey to maturity. What might he do with boundless time? Story COMPLETE and formatted correctly.

Nocturn by Aondehafka
A story about endings, and beginnings, and the pain of growing up, and the fact that nothing stays the same forever. The Nerima dynamic cannot endure forever... but just what will happen when it finally breaks? REVIEWS CONTAIN SPOILERS

Also check out his other works, espcially White Rose and Cube of Chaos .

Handed on a Silver Platter by Grookill
Akane is mad at Ranma, and Kasumi's in charge of the household while the fathers flee. Not an AkaneRanma pairing

Normal Friends from Strange Places by Marie Nomad
Okay, once a friendship fic, now an adventure epic about Gohan and Trey, a previously unknown son of Tien. new Chapters The Z warriors recuperate from the Tournament and a revelation is revealed!

White Rose by Aondhafka
A story about love, and irony, and second chances. Just how far will Kodachi go to be with Ranma?

The Four Truths by Muishiki
AU - Ranma's training is forced to take a different path due to circumstances beyond his control. Join his quest to make sense of life and the Art, joined by familiar figures. Complete! Fixed the duplicated omake.

Older by WFrose
One way for Ranma to find a woman who sympathizes with him... (COMPLETE!)

Couch Trips by Sarge4
Ranma gets some help from a psychiatrist in dealing with his fiancess. The author origionally had this series as finished, but he's been writing sequals lately. It's very good, and nowhere near as lame as I made it sound. I could't remember the origional summary, and the current one only applies to the latest chapter.

Resolution by Kalen Darkmoon
Ranma breaks down after the wedding attempt and Akane finally hears the words she had so longed for him to say to her. They work together to try and resolve their differences and deal with their other suitors. WAFFy

Ranma May Cry by Shai 'Halud
A fusion between Ranma 1/2 and Devil May Cry. Okay here's an epilogue for ya, it's short and hopefully surprising, lemme know kay? Also for those who don't know there's a sequel, look for it if ya wanna read it.

newRanma by C. Jones
Ranma receives a traumatic brain injury that has the potential to change his life and the lives of everyone around him forever.

Strange Days by C. Rose also check out his other stories, they're almost all good
Complete! RSM Ranma, Amy Lee, and the Scouts battle a corrupted Saturn and Siefried makes his final move Early chapters have all been given a bit of a check up for grammar and mistakes

Ryoko Saotome by Thrythlind
Four Years ago, Akane died tragically at Jusendo. A galaxy away, Masaki Tenchi breathed his last dying breath. A couple that never should have been meet up in a twist of fate. Now all they have to do is survive each other. Completed!

Also, by Thrythlind are Kitsune Lina, The Amazon and the Moneylender, Slayers Bred, and several others. Thrythlind has aparently retired from writing sevearl years ago, but his work was first rate. One of my favorite author.

Lost Innocence by Thrythlind
Based on Lord Archive's Loss of Innocence...Shampoo uses another love potion...and the results tear into the lives of Ranma and his companions. Completed. Sequels possible.

A Simple Wish by Ryoko Blue
-COMPLETED- RxA Ranma is fed up with Akane; he makes a simple wish to never have met her. Lady Fate takes pity on him and grants his wish. A problem arises with this wish; he remembers everything before the wish was granted.

To Tell a Hawk from a Handsaw by N. Reynolds
Story Completed Ranma realizes how messed up his life is, and comes up with a plan. Ranma pretends to be mad in order to outmaneuver his "friends" and "family." Insanity inspired by Hamlet, with influences from unpopular culture. FINAL CHAPTER POSTED!

Martial Arts Romance by Esotaria
Bored out of his mind, Ranma decides to teach himself a new martial art: Aggressively Non-Aggressive Defensive Combat, otherwise known as "Hug Fu." However, he neglects to tell Akane that she's his training partner...

Nabiki's Revenge by Ringmaster
Nabiki takes revenge for Ranma choosing Shampoo... (COMPLETE)

Wish For The Past by Burenda
A misspoken wish lands Goten in the past, traveling alongside Bardock, the grandfather he never knew. Concerned for his friend's safety, Trunks soon joins him, and together they travel from Vegeta-sei to Earth, trying to find a way back home. -Complete-

Dragon Fire by DragonGolem
Ranma 12 DBZ crossover Takes place after the failed wedding. Ranma is on a journey to find Akane that leads him to Satan City and into a meeting with the Z fighters.

For the Sake of the Art by Claihm Solais
Complete A Ranma 12, BSSM, AMS crossover. After getting hit one time too many by Akane, Ranma leaves the Tendo Dojo to get some peace and quiet. But being Ranma, Chaos follows him wherever he goes, and Fate has greater plans for the martial artist.

Ranma the Mighty by DragonGolem
I haven't seen a Ranma 12 and Birdy the Mighty crossover so I figured I would fix that. Of course you also realize that with me as the author things are gonna be anything but normal! So strap in and check it out! Divergent RxB (definitely)Warning! AU as

Kikuko the Mighty by DragonGolem
The name should explain it all. This is a sequel starring the child of Ranma and Birdy on her journeys through the galaxy. Featuring Dirty Pair Flash, Tenchi Muyo, and a few others! Come along on the ride! Complete

Star Wars: Jedi Knights of Earth by bradw316
Completed Mace Windu climbs from the depths Coruscant, after being tossed from Darth Sidious's Room by the evil dark lord. He goes into exile and comes upon Young Ranma Saotome and trains him in the Jedi arts.

Inheritage by Kyros Lencho
Ranma was always fast, but that wasn't just skill. It was hereditary. And that means all hell is about to break loose. Yippie. (xover GoldDigger)

Sick of It by Rapancheese
Ranma has decided to take a stand. No more shall he drift aimlessly through life. The time has come for him to take command of his destiny. Simple, right? Nah, with Ranma, nothing ever is...complete

A Promise Redeemed by Pspinler
Complete ! Akane dies at Jusendo, can Nabiki prod Ranma into redeeming himself ? PG for some language

Exact Change by Ozzallos
Nabiki Tendo gets a glimps of the future and it isn't pretty. Forewarned, she'll do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of her family and home, even if it means destroying herself to do it. Ranma.Nabiki match up, Complete.

Rain by Carrotglace
Ranma Saotome has been disturbed since his battle with Saffron, but the reason is more shocking than you could imagine. A Ranma 1/2/OMG X-over

Girl Days by Kenko
Not complete, but one of the first and best "Ranma as a girl" fics out there. VERY funny. "It's basically the often used 'Ranma has to be a girl for a while' plot... but, well, not that after all. Because I'm a humorist, I do it without angst. If you haven't seen it before... get rea"

Definetly one of the best pure comedies

Handed on a Silver Platter by Grookill
Akane is mad at Ranma, and Kasumi's in charge of the household while the fathers flee. Not an AkaneRanma pairing

Ryoko Saotome by Thrythlind
Four Years ago, Akane died tragically at Jusendo. A galaxy away, Masaki Tenchi breathed his last dying breath. A couple that never should have been meet up in a twist of fate. Now all they have to do is survive each other. Completed!

Thrythlind has several other great works to check out. TOo bad he disappeared from the fanfic world years ago leaving sevearl unfinished stories. Kitsune Lina and it's sequal are both first rate Slayers fics.

Red Eyes Fury by Animeprime
Ranma blow his top and dissapers. Kasumi secretly finds out where he is but will she tell her family or keep her frendship with Ranma? Completed!

The Best of Times by Ozzallos
Ranma discovers why his life at the Tendo Dojo has been hell and engages in an epic pissing match with Pluto and the rest of the Senshi. A fukufic production, multipart. COMPLETE.

In Darkness, In Fire by Xzero
Ten thousand years ago an atrocity was permitted. Ten thousand years ago a people were lost to time. Now, in Nerima there rises the last scion of a forgotten people. Revenge drives him, sadness fills him, will he face what lies ahead? R&R COMPlETE

When Angels Fall by Innortal
Heroes hold hope, but even they can die. When the Angel of Nerima dies, who will know? What of his story? Can Usagi find peace by giving the NWC theirs? When Angels Fall, even the children of Ranma and Usagi must cry.

So Be it by Materia-Blade
COMPLETE A Ranma SM Wheel Of Time Crossover A story that started with a simple kidnapping, but ended as a tale of disasterous results affecting thousands of people from worlds away...

Trial By Fire by Ed Simons
After the end of the manga, secrets are revealed.

For the Sake of the Art by claihm solais
Complete A Ranma 12, BSSM, AMS crossover. After getting hit one time too many by Akane, Ranma leaves the Tendo Dojo to get some peace and quiet. But being Ranma, Chaos follows him wherever he goes, and Fate has greater plans for the martial artist.

Vengence is Mine by Ghost in the Machine
Ghost gets tired of seeing certain themes in fanfiction and decides balance is needed. Do not take this too seriously. Ryoga defeats Ranma and decides mere victory is not enough. Rated M for good cause.

The Nightmare Saga: Warrior Of The Shadows by JohnnyReb
As a new and mysterious opponent shatters Ranma's old rivals one by one, he must prepare to fight for his very survival! Other life changing events occur along the way, forcing him to reevaluate his current feelings for Akane, before it's too late!

State of Mine by Shall-Iin
Why does Ranma act the way he does? Can anything be done to help him?

Nabiki's Revenge by Ringmaster
Nabiki takes revenge for Ranma choosing Shampoo... (COMPLETE)

Tattoon Ranma by Hung Nguyen
(Rated for V & L) Ranma decides that girls are nothing but trouble and tries to get away from his fiancee problems in Nerima. However, one last fiancee comes onto the scene... and she's definitely different! (Completed)

Final Judgment Happosai by Den Scurman
Ranma actually comes up with a plan. It's the battle of the masters. The unstoppable freak of nature vs. the irresistible matriarch of the amazons. In the end, it's someone else's problem...or is it? COMPLETE! BD

Ranma Muyo by Ryllen
Ranma and Tenchi crossover. With nothing left in Nerima Ranma decides to 'get lost' Hibiki style. What will he find and how will it affect his life? Complete!

The Wild Horse Thesis by Calamity-Queen of Cordite
Ranma finds himself banished into the world of Evangelion replacing Shinji's character. Can he hold the fragmenting psyches of his NERV comrades together in order to prevent the Third Impact? Wouldn't that require diplomacy?

Wedded Bliss by Typhonis
Sailor MoonRanma 12 crossover.Nodoka made a deal with her old friend and the time to unite there families has come.

A Horse and his Cabbit by Borg Rabbit
AU Tenchi and Ranma xover Ryo Ohki had more than one egg. final chapt added.

Star Trek: Ranma's Story by dswynne
This is part of a series that helps to have read the other stories in the universe, so I'll just give a link to the author's profile, not the actual story.

Potter the Stone by C. Rose
Harry is the student of one of the best martial artists in the world. Ranma Saotome. Draco Malfoy is about to learn why its not a good idea to piss off a student of Anything Goes.

Golden Opportunity by C. Rose
Ranma Gold Digger This is the final chapter of the story, at least for now, I have more planned, but that will for the sequal when I get around to it. I've tied up a few things, hinted at some others, and plan lots more in the future.

The Truth and the Tempest by Neon-Ronin
After the wedding disaster, two people begin to open up... a mysterious warrior appears in Nerima... a terrible secret behind Jusenkyo is about to be revealed. RA pairing, possibly others. Read&Review please. Chap. 43 up

Locked out Love series by BTB
Ranma and an ordinary guy from another dimension somehow swap bodies. This is the tale of the chaos that ensues in their attempts to get back to their respective loves.

Someone Who Can Sympathise by Baron Hausenpheffer
Ranma & Cheeky Angel Xover Ranma Saotome and Megumi Amatsuka are two very different people with a very similiar problem. How will they react to finding someone else who can relate to the problems of a suitorplagued genderbender? R&R, please!

Redefined Honor by Kung-lou
The death of the Heir to the Jurian throne sparks the beginning of an intergalactic conflict which quickly engulfs Ranma and his home world.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind by Turbanator
Nabiki wakes up one day, and everything is normal... Too normal... Ranma is missing, but she's the only one who remembers him, so she sets out to find him... 'You're not getting away that easily' : Epilogue Uploaded. Epic Complete!

Ever Stay Chaotic by NoshMono
Nabiki, one of the very few unaffected in Nerima was plunged into the heart of the chaos itself. A super COs. Episode 15 : Ranmagumi to Hinatasougumi no Gurando Battou Ranma's and Hinatasou's groups' grand battle

Ranma Nibunnoichi : Reflections Vol 1 : 2 : 3 (revised) by avmorgan
Complete. What if the copies of Ranma turned out to be a hint of something far more? Can Ranma survive the Mirror of Broken Souls? Diverging continuation of the Two Ranmas story V35 P14. Warning: Explicit sex in P38,40,41.

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