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Like a Phoenix, DocSlendy has been REBORN! I'm The Infamous LoamyCoffee ,The Auteur of Silliness , The Foamy Card Cult's resident Cardinal, and All Around Crazy Guy! For Realsies! Also Praise the holy Wharfstache, Deadpool, and The ALMIGHTY Log!

I'm still an Avid Reader of Fanfiction! As such, I continue to hope to be a great writer and spread silliness and joy!

I, LoamyCoffee, do solemnly swear to review all the fics I read, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else.

I have joined the review revolution.

And here's something concerning 'REVIEWS', which I copied from 'Narutogod123' who copied it from 'Heartless demon wolf'-

Writers- all of them, from famous authors to subtle FF writers- we ALL depend on the feedback from our readers. Vision Dominican brought up an interesting albeit tragically true idea:

"Lack of reviews is the greatest killer of fanfic writers out there. We at the institute wish to let the public know of how they can pitch in to save our dying writers.

1) Drop a review every other IT. It may not seem like much, but reviews are actually what many of us want to see. That, and hits. Hits do make us happy but we don't really know if people like our story or not.

2) Visit our author page. Those kind of hits really make us happy. It's where we showcase our entourage of friends, beta readers, and stories. Some of us even tidy up with set areas for upcoming story ideas and character bios.

3) Send an PM. While normally I'd prefer a review, PMs are also good. Really warm the heart to communicate with another reader or writer."

What you call being "too lazy to review" is what we call "a flame to the pages" as writers. That one minute or two that you felt "too lazy" to review is another minute of creeping discouragement that all writers feel as they begin to think...

"Why am I even here…?"

"What's even the point of continuing?"

"My skills must be terrible…no one cares for my story…"

"I'll never be a good writer...I quit."

These are only a few thoughts that go through every writer's head- that go through MY head- when we put out a chapter / story with all our heart and soul within, and we sit there…and sit…and wait…and not a single person says even a word.

If you're not a writer, you have NO IDEA how much that hurts…

If you ARE a writer, then I'm sure you know just how great it feels when someone is kind enough to leave a heartwarming and encouraging review, and you read it, smiling while thinking…"Wow…fuck...I did it…"

So, why not give fellow writers the same luxury here?

Too many times I've seen epic and utterly beautiful works of literary art fall to pieces before finally being abandoned due to the terrible discouragement that the lack of reviews can cause.

Sometimes, it is so severe that the very writer himself decides to quit, denying the world his skills of writing that I'm it would have deeply enjoyed.


Just one minute, that's all it takes. Just a few gentle taps of the fingers on your keyboard, a few seconds or so of your time, and your words can SAVE a writer from a dark demise.

Do me a favor: Go find a story, ANY story, anywhere here on the site, and see if you can help it. If it has very little / no reviews at all, just check it out, and say whatever comes to mind.

And enjoy the thought in mind that you probably have just SAVED that story, with just a few taps of the keyboard…

If you agree with what I have said then please copy and paste any part of this story you wish onto your profile. Modify it in any way you see fit; there is no need to use my exact words. You make it say what you want it to say.

We've all had this problem I am sure. You work hard on writing and updating your stories, then for no apparent reason, some idiot flames your story, and it's usually marked as 'Guest'. Maybe he insults you, maybe he tells you to kill yourself, maybe he calls you things like bigot, or retard, or faggot, or something like that. Or maybe they say something cruel, or abusive or absolutely disgusting like 'Hope your mom gets raped LOL'. Only you can't block them due to their using the Guest review function. To all interested parties let's put an end to this unnecessary cruelty and bring those hate-mongering flamers into the spotlight. No more hiding for them! Please copy and paste this to your profile then spread the word ro your friends who have suffered from 'Guest Flamers' and sign for those who wish to end this! Alternatively you may review and request me to put your name here.

If I know anything about Flamers, it is that they are cowards, bullies, hate mongers, and they will abuse the Guest Review function until something is done. And I intend to get the ball rolling.

Petition to end the anonymity of Flamers by removing the 'Guest Review' function.

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Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Yavie Aelinel, Crazy Billie Joe Loving Freak, Shadow929, The Astrology Nerd, brown-eyed angelofmusic, piratesswriter/fairy to be, The Gypsy-Pirate Queen, watching-waiting-wishing, 100-percent-Harry-Potter-obsessed, iluvdavidwright45, dianeandnumairareahotcouple,windsoftiti, Ilovethelittletacos...Ilovethemgood, i-have-issues-deal-with-it, Kiba Obsessed Demonic Angel, Digital98, Anime-Kunoichi,Chinbaldo,Naruto Ninja44,May and Dawn are the best, rst64tlc, NeonZangetsu, ImInYourAttic, LoamyCoffee

I just wanted to say something here. A lot of people leave some pretty nasty comments on stories they don't like. Here's the thing though, if you hate a fic so much, then why don't you just stop reading it? You can easily move on to searching for another story that you DO like. Nobody, and I do mean NOBODY, is forcing you to read fics that you hate. Constructive criticism is always welcome to authors, but telling people they're terrible authors, harassing them, and generally trying to make them feel horrible about themselves is NOT okay. You need to realize that words CAN hurt just the same as actions. So, to all of you haters out there, just remember that you can move on and read a fic that you like. Nobody is forcing you to read stories all the way through if you don't like it. So please try to keep that in mind and stop your behavior.

One thing I've personally gone through is people telling me they wish I was dead. They also say some really, REALLY harsh things via PMs and reviews and whatnot. I've had people threaten me as well. I enjoy writing, honestly I do, but a person can only take so much before they lose all confidence in themselves and just...quit. So please, if you don't like a fic, just move on. Nobody is that terrible that you should wish them dead. Please just STOP. You've already chased off so many authors, good and bad, from this site and others. When will enough be enough?

I hope that, if you read this, that you take the time to think about your actions and your words to people. I love writing, but it's hard to try and deal with all of that crap. It damages a person's confidence to suffer such abuse from people. Thank you for your time.

FANFICTION- UNITED NATIONS!! Has anyone else noticed how a lot of us get along and and make friends on here we can be from completely different countries? WTF!? We're here making world peace on the INTERNET and we have all those ambassadors and senators and whatever struggling with it!! If you realize this (or read this and agreed) copy and paste this and add your name and country (country is optional) to the list.

SPREAD THE PEACE!!: Naruto-fan-Okami-chan (USA), NaraTemari011 (Puerto Rico), Lala girl in Lalaland (USA), Kakashi Forever (England), ChiyoChiyamamoto (USA), Crazy-Monkey13 (USA), Hullop (USA), Mayonaka Naze (Dominican Republic), RUHLSAR000 (USA) PotterAnimeJackson(Canada), Mermaid-Luchia(Australia), Jostanos (USA), TheBlackSeaReaper (Bermuda), sakurademonalchemist (USA), lokinorsedeity (USA), LoamyCoffee (USA),

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