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Natsuki D PM
Joined Sep '14

Hey there.

My names Natsuki D. D stands for Dragneel. If you haven't already guessed, I'm Natsu's sister *smiles innocently*

I write only anime/manga fanfiction but i may write other fanfiction.

I may take a while to update stories cause I'm always doing something and sometime build up stress (not fun)

I'll do my best with my stories and if you do read them, please give me reviews and ideas oh and feedback to please.

Most of my friends know that I have demon in me (Neko, vampire, siren) and am a dragon

I want to be a novelist when I grow up so I accept criticism if it will help me to improve my writing skills

Also though I am female I generally dont understand females (girly girls are my complete opposite) and am a Tomboy.

I also love Nightcore cause it is just the best I also like Shakira.

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