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Hello everyone! Candela Monsoon here! Thanks for somehow clicking on my profile, XD. I don't know if there's any good crap over here, but feel free to scroll down and whatnot!

Best I start this profile by introducing myself... hmm... I suck at introducing. Seriously, when I do this at school, I usually end up talking about random stuff. But anyway, here goes nothing.

You guys can call me Candela! Not my real name of course. The only other author I know who knows that is vaxdea-sansavi, my real life schoolmate, buuuuut that doesn't concern you, lol. I started writing FanFiction at the age of 12 on the day before my birthday (As of now, I'm 18 years old). I'm currently six years into Fanfiction! I was on a different account (Now my brother's account) for one year, so that technically makes it seven years? I don't know! XD Here I am, still writing fics lol. I don't know but if you guys wanna look at my crappy 13-year-old writing style, then head on to my first fic lol. But honestly, my best work so far is Total Drama Act II: Musical Power. It's not as popular as Act I, but hey, I love both so who cares.

Anyway, you may find me mostly either on the Total Drama category, or the Mario category. Those are just mainly my main fandoms for a while. I used to be in the Wizard101 fandom before it died down a bit over the years, honestly I have no idea what happened to that fandom lol, like I actually remembered the time when it was still lively and stuff lmao.

I'm also a huge SYOC fan! How do I make OCs? Sometimes, I just think of random names, or even make ones out of my friends, and do whatnot. But believe me or not, I have something similar to each and everyone of them. So yeah, I love my OCs just like they were my babies lol. My main OCs pretty much change from time to time. My main OC also counts as my favorite OC. But seriously, I love them all. You can't change my mind.

I made a lot of friends here on Fanfiction, but hey its the story that brings everyone together, so shoutout to all my friends out there that I normally PM here a lot! Shoutout as well to my readers that have been reading since Act I era! Also shoutout to those in Discord for making me install the thing to communicate to you guys lol! So yeah, I don't bite. Unless if I have to.

So yeah, my intro taking up way much of your time. Scroll down if you find anything interesting... if not, there's the back button.

Profile Picture: A fanart of Chuu from Loona! Nope, I do not own the artwork. Actually, I don't own any of the pictures I use, except for some of the crappy covers in my stories. XD

Other websites you can find me on: (although I pretty much rarely use them, except for Discord, I normally check that daily lol)

FictionPress: Candela Mint

Discord: MidnightDystσρiα#2582

My PenNames:

~Abigail SeaTail (9/11/14 - 10/30/14) I got this from my Death wizard in Wizard101. It was actually her name. Till I forgot the password to that account and had to share with my brother.

~Royal Star Bell (10/30/14 - 12/2/15) That was just a random name that came to my mind

~JollieLollie (12/2/15 - 1/7/16) I got this from a Nintendo game XD

~MagicalHipHop23 (1/7/16 - 1/23/16) Because I love magic (Wizard101 haha) and because Lemmy and Iggy are my favorite koopalings and those were their names in the cartoons, and well, as for 23, that was my class number when I was in 4th grade.

~MagicalFantasy23 (1/23/16 - 2/13/16) Same as above but the Fantasy part, IDK

~JirachiFanGirl (2/13/16 - 3/30/16) Because one of my two favorite legendary Pokemon is Jirachi (well, DiancieFanGirl didn't sound good...)

~I'mJustAnUchiGirl (3/30/16 - 7/3/17) Finally, another one year penname! I got this penname since I wanted to be 'twins' with I'mNotTheRoyalGirl. This was her penname till she left. :(

~JustTheClassicalGirl (7/3/17 - 3/15/18) Anyway, I just edited my last penname before that and boom you've got another author with a weird penname.

~Candela Monsoon (3/15/18 - Current) I got this because Candela is the SI Unit of luminous intensity and Monsoon is a type of... wind. I'm a bit too obsessed with science right now. XD Two year penname! Whoo!

Story Goals:

(If anyone is wondering, I, Candela Monsoon (AKA JustTheClassicalGirl for users back in 2017), am the one who made this up. Other authors can copy 'n' paste if they like to keep up with their current stats. :D)

(x) 1 or more completed stories (FINALLY!!! :D) *starts thanking the Mario gang*

(x) 5 or more completed stories (yay)

(x) 10 reviews in a story

(x) 20 reviews in a story

(x) 50 reviews in a story (Much more of my stories will hit this soon)


(x) 5 follows in a story

(x) 10 follows in a story

() 50 follows in a story

() 100 follows in a story (That will not happen)

(x) 5 favorites in a story

(x) 10 favorites in a story (Thanks Musical Parade and other stories that hit this lol)

() 50 favorites in a story *fells on the ground*

() 100 favorites in a story (no way in hell)

(x) 1k words in a story

(x) 5k words in a story

(x) 10k words in a story

(x) 20k words in a story

(x) 50k words in a story (Thank you, TDMI I'm very proud of you)

(x) 100k words in a story (Yup, I did it. Dunno if this is the author's notes' fault lol but I did it! Thanks Act I! lol. EDIT: Act II hit 200k, whoa XD)

(x) 5 author favorites/follows

(x) 10 author favorites/follows (*starts talking in Goombella voice* I've like, got, like, 40 something!)

(x) 50 author favorites/follows (I'VE NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE THE DAY LMAO THANKS SO MUCH GUYS! :D)

() 100 author favorites/follows (This'll never ever ever ever happen)

Goals Currently Achieved: 19 out of 24 (I am not really surprised lmao!)

PS: I'm surprised a lot of people actually copied and paste this! ;D Thankuuuu!

Completed Stories:

1.) Kingdom Revolution: Sunshine Kingdom To Mushroom Kingdom

Started: October 30, 2014

Completed: May 23, 2018

Pink Gold Peach Toadstool and Magenta Velvet from Sunshine Kingdom moved to Mushroom Kingdom. When they arrived, things don't always go as planned. Of course there will be something OR someone that'll make it go upside-down. Will they try to fix it? Or will they make it go worse?

2.) Team Evershade Spin-off: Never Ask Bowser To Help You Again (Super Mario)

Started: October 30, 2018 (4 years after the birth of Kingdom Revolution!? Whoa)

Completed: November 2, 2018

Would Bowser help you in setting the table, buying school supplies, finding your pet, making your show, putting makeup on your face, setting experiments, sparring you for a match, testing you in your circus stunts and tricks, or even arrangements for your music recital? WOULD he?

3.) Outside A Villain, Inside, My Hero (Super Mario)

Started Completed: May 20, 2019

After a failed attempt to kidnap Princess Peach for his children, Bowser finds himself giving up, thinking that the world hates him for what he had done, and dragging his family and crew into the mess. Moments after a short and interrupted dinner, the eight koopas seek their father to comfort him, and memories come back like thunder.

4.) Tid (Total Drama)

Started Completed: August 28, 2020

Ever wonder what was it like to work behind the scenes of a Total Drama season? Well, in this one-shot, we're going to look into the eyes of a producer who strives to work on a sequel of a recently concluded season. The frustration was present, but at least there was someone to help along the way.

5.) Always By Your Side (Total Drama)

Started Completed: September 5, 2020

There are two kinds of people you will see here: one who is already successful and one who is about to be successful. These two brainstormed together and formed one whole new season using their writing skills. Will they both be able to work together, even though thoughts about flopping were present?

6.) Total Drama Act I: Musical Impact (Total Drama)

Started: May 24, 2018

Completed: November 15, 2020

In the first season of Total Drama Act, 18 teens enter Musimental Island's theater to compete for a who-knows prize! The challenge? To perform by singing, dancing, acting, etc, and a twist with some non-perform-y challenges. What drama, friendship, rivalry, heartbreak, or even chaos awaits our rising stars?

Stories in Progress:

1. Total Drama Act II: Musical Power (Total Drama)

-12/30 Remaining Performers-

Chapter titles/count may change

EP1: Rising Up The Red Curtains! (COMPLETE)

EP2: Mon Moi Inconnu (COMPLETE)

EP3: Show Me What You're Made Of (COMPLETE)

EP4: Flavors of Failure (COMPLETE)

EP5: Health is the Road to Wealth (COMPLETE)

EP6: Blank Sided Coins (COMPLETE)

EP7: All Tricks Behind A Mask (COMPLETE)

EP8: It Don't Mean A Thing (COMPLETE)

EP9: Let's Burn It Up (COMPLETE)

EP10: Out of the Maze with No Clues (COMPLETE)

EP11: See-Saw (COMPLETE)

EP12: Where Will You Go? (COMPLETE)

EP13: My Life is Rosy (COMPLETE)

SP1: Act II Anniversary Special (March 30th) (IN PROGRESS)

EP14: No More Utopia (IN PROGRESS)

EP15-???: TBA

2. Total Drama Act III: Odyssey of Performance (Total Drama)

-26/26 Remaining Performers-

Chapter titles/count may change


EP1: Entering Square Three (1/2 Completed, IN PROGRESS)

EP2-???: TBA


1.) Team Evershade Valley: Take Two

(Super Mario; with Obsidian Champion)

(July 2016 - June 2017 [Original Version, July 2017 - March 2019 [Hiatus])

2.) Total Drama: Best of Both Worlds

(Total Drama; with Obikinoah, GirlPower54, WarriorAuthor1127, ThorBringsTheThunder)

(November 2017 - May 2018)

3.) Total Drama: Game of Wits

(Total Drama; with Obikinoah)

(September 2018 - March 2019)

4.) Total Drama: Welcome To The Musical Parade

(Total Drama; with SinWriter7)

(May 2019 - Present)

Stories That I Might Write In The Future:

1. Light That Darkened My Mind (Mario)

(Highly inspired by Mushroom Wars, created by Kaiimi. It's a freaking good fic, for those who are Mario fans!)

A huge wave of artificial disasters happens all at once in the whole universe when an experiment at the Mushroom Kingdom failed due to an inadvertent mistake, unintentionally violating the laws of nature, possibly reaching the fruition of the world. But with an unexpected group willing to risk their lives and make their way to save it, they’ll make the deadliest decision which brings them in grave danger.

Possible Release: ???

~~~ OC Section! ~~~

*complete until finale

1. Kimberly May Quetzal, The Not-Regal Figure Skater: One of my oldest OCs actually. I created her during my first few months here in the TD fandom! Haven't been using her that much ever since, haha. I might submit her into future SYOCs, but we'll see.

-Act I: Musical Impact* (17th/18)

2. Seredina "Eden" De Parsel, The Martial Agent: She is one of the more interesting bunch in my opinion, lol. I've always love the agent concept in an OC, so that's where she was created. XD Originally, she wasn't supposed to be a Total Drama OC, but here we are anyway. XD

-Submerged* (8th/30)

-All Around Again

3. Cedric Merritt/Spear Mint, The Emotional Gentleman: What's funny with Spear is that he only appears in my fics. XD He's always rejected wherever SYOC I submitted him on, so that made me not use him that much. I don't know, but I'll probably make some edits to him to make him more appealing.

-Act I: Musical Impact* (12th/18)

4. Janice Alexandra Marlick, The Classy Dancer: Ah, now we have the older Marlick sibling! She was created like, a few years I created her brother though lol. I mostly submit her to more musically themed seasons because I think that's where she fits best.

-Arts Season 2 (13th/20)

-Act II: Musical Power (24th/30)

5. Marabel "Mara" Garcia, The Silent Martial Artist: I'm not too proud for creating her, then again, she's the only OC I have who actually won a season so of course, props to her, haha. XD

-Fire* (1st/15)

-Wars* (12th/27)

6. Jared August Monuel, The Downed Perfectionist: One of my favorite OCs to use, to be honest, I only created him last year and he already rose up to becoming my main male OC. XD It's pretty obvious that he has a lot of appearances. XD He's also one of my most loved OCs among other readers, which of course makes me proud. XD

-Move Along

-Double Down

-Crowstillo Island* (8th/14)

-Action: SYOC Story* (9th/15)

-City (29th/31)

-All Around Again

-World Tour: SYOC Story

7. Sybil Jillian Van Tropé, The Intimidating Ingenue: At first I really love her. Don't get me wrong, I still love her as my OC but as time goes by, she went down by a notch as my favorite in my OCs. XD

-Act II: Musical Power (14th/30)

-Lost in Time (20th/24)

-Island: The First Showdown

-All Around Again (7th/28)

8. Janson Alexander Marlick, The Flirtatious Dancer/Manipulative Flirt: Now we have the younger Marlick sibling, and the first male OC I have created, as well as my first antagonist OC. Honestly, my pure inspiration for creating him was Alejandro so that's why he has a slightly similar concept. XD I try to make him different though, besides, he's the only OC I have that I used him from the start until now so he definitely earned his spot as one of my favorites. XD

-Island: The First Showdown

-All Around Again (9th/28)

9. Yves Jimenez-Chiu, The Shadow Butterfly: Yes, here comes one of my two queens. I honestly love her so much as my OC that she earned one of the top two spots in my opinion. XD Out of all my OCs, her application is always detailed, probably because I spend the most time on making her. XD

-City (23rd/31)

-Revenge of the Cruise Ship (17th/24)

-Mega Mechas (8th/14)

-Fanfiction All Stars

-Act III: Odyssey of Performance

-Back To The Islands

-Revenge of the Island: SYOC Story

10. Maeve Cranston-Warden, The Monochromatic Artist: Wanna know something mind-blowing? Maeve is actually the 'draft-version' of Sybil. This is why they seem a bit similar. In short, Sybil used to be Maeve if it makes sense (kind of like an upgrade to Maeve as she's the original). But then, when I submitted her on TD City and got accepted, I tried to change up her concept a bit.


11. Penelope Meritt/Pepper Mint, The Feminine Cheerleader: Another OC I rarely use. I really like her concept, but for some reason I just really don't like submitting her. XD I plan to change her up a bit soon to make an even better version of her. XD

-All Around Again (16th/28)

12. Olivia Jianne Winthrop, The Self-Superior: There we have it: my other queen. XD She also has one of my favorite concepts out of all my OCs and she received a lot of love of other readers than I expected. XD Her concept is also kind of complex so it took me a while to make her. That's why she's my other queen. XD

-Space Station (14th/22)

I have a lot more than them, but these are the ones that I actively submit! I also have been into way more SYOCs than these, but I just put the ones with my favorite portrayal of these OCs (including my own) that have been completed or I know are still updating.

Okay... That's it. Well bye and see ya somewhere! In Fanfiction of course!

If you made it till the end of my profile, give yourself a pat on the back.

…But if you happen to know me in real life, well... hi and bye.

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