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Hi everyone!

I am not sure why you are reading this, because I only have one short story. But if you are curious who I think is worth checking out for your reading pleasure, I have two names for you.

1) Willow Edmond Her stories are not only great, but they are really fun to read! See the way I look at stories is very simple, do they flow? And her stories grab you right away and keep you going to the very end.

You can start at the beginning of her stuff or jump in anywhere and enjoy what you are reading. I strongly recommend you check out her stuff! Your going to be very happy you did!

Also I want to thank Willow for beta reading my story. She reallly took something rough and turned it into a gem.

2) AeonBlue I have to say her latest work The Tau Hypothesis is fantastic. Again she is a writer that grabs you and keeps you going. No treading water here. I highly recommend you check it out.

Now as I said I like stories that draw me in and keep my going through out the whole thing. There are good writers on this site that have a lot of talent but don't completely do that for me.

As for me writing more, I am not sure. I might if I get inspired. We will see what happens.

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