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To Readers:

Please note I have a lot of too many way more stories that I write at once than I should, some don't get published until years after, and I tend to bounce from story to story so I do apologize for my long inconsistent and sometimes often times lengthy update times but the fact is I have a life that I have to manage and a bunch of other crap that no one cares about sometimes I am busy and sometimes I get writers block and may leave some stories alone for a while considerable amount of time because I either don't know how to fill a gap between point a and point b or I don't know where I am going after point b and need to figure that out, the reason I don't tend to discontinue my stories is because I hope to come back to them.

Not always but often times I come up with ideas for stories to either fix a problem or give someone who didn't get a happy ending in their cannon a happy ending, this tends to result in a large number of stories.

To (Potentially Most likely angry) Authors (because you wouldn't take the time otherwise):

If you're here it is probably because I expressed frustration with aspects of stories you wrote, here is the fact of the matter look back on earlier chapters if I was there too, it shows that I was reviewing because I liked your story (and because you might have repeatedly misspelled something, screwed up some lore or incorrectly anglicized something) I tend to be loud, blunt and sometimes a nuisance but I don't write reviews to be annoying or to put down your ideas (unless you did something that really pissed me off) I just want to help steer you in the write direction (hey no puns in the bio) right direction, and believe it or not just want to read a story that I enjoy reading, I am not someone who reads stories I don't think I am going to like I clicked on your story because I saw it as a potentially good story. With that in mind I would say about 40% of my reviews are trying to be helpful or correcting you I do it no, about 50% of my reviews are me shamelessly voting for a pairing I like or my knee-jerk reaction to what I just read, and the last 10% or so I would say are me pissed off at something. I would say over three fourths of the replies to reviews I see though are from that final category who are mad at me for not liking there story based on something that I did not know about the story as it was not labeled. I try my best to warn people in advance of anything that might piss them off so that if they don't like it they don't read it not only because I don't like when people are bitching at me but because I don't want to negatively affect their day by pissing them off because they read something I wrote because I didn't properly label it. Also keep this in mind if you did do something that upset me I pride myself on being someone who tells you what I felt was wrong and don't just say "This story sucks" or some other nasty comment that I know I get and I am sure all of you do too, so instead of being mad at me just think about the fact that I am at least explaining what aspects of your story I disliked instead of just being mean and nasty because they like putting other people down.

Also does anyone know why they still haven't integrated the PM system to work with the app instead of only receiving messages sent from the app it is highly annoying.


As of August 5th 2019 I started a job where I work 70 hours a week I will do my best to update my stories, so no I am not abandoning anything.

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