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I don't usually write much unless it is for school. I actually share this account with a very close friend so at times it gets a bit weird. We were both lazy so this is probably the only time we'll do this. I guess you can refer to me as Shiro and my friend San01 because I get to pick it.

Shiro: I like anime and manga. Video games are great, too! My current obsessions are Drarry fanfics for some random reason. I just can't get enough. I am an amateur as a writer and I am more of an artist than a writer. In fact i even sing more than i write but writing can be fun, too. I just have horrible memories with it because my english teacher was super harsh and I never once made a 100 on any of my papers. Really does destroy my motivation and self confidence. English was not my first language. In fact I have no American blood in me.

San01: Alright so she isn't here and so I am making this for her. She better not scream about incorrect assumptions because that's just denial on her part. She's a bit weird but that's what makes me like her. Other than being an oddball she's like my twin. She loves anime and manga, video games, too. She isn't much of an artist but she can definitely sing better than me. I think her current obsession features Sebaciel but I don't exactly know. Between the two of us she's the harsher one. She particularly like dark things, such as dark themes, and stuff. I don't know why she insists on me to read those angst stories. She probably likes to see me cry. I think between the two of us she writes the better story but I usually have the better plot bunnies.

If you want to be able to tell us apart well that will be hard with us sharing an account. Besides this was San01's idea. She's just too lazy to make her own and keep track of it. Really irritating but I love her anyways.

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