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I realized that my bio was pretty pathetic compared to some other peoples', so I decided to update it a bit. ^_~

Okay, to be honest, I only found this site because I was checking out a Harry Potter fanart site, and the artist had drawn a picture that corresponded to a fanfic someone else had written. I thought the picture was cool, so I decided to read the fanfic, which brought me here. And I, quite frankly, became obsessed. ^_^ Fanfics are great! I'm currently reading dozens of them (which gets confusing at times, but oh well.)

It was amidst all the reading of HP fanfics that I thought "Hey...I can do this!", and so I joined and started writing. To be perfectly honest, I hadn't written anything in YEARS before I joined here. I used to write all the time when I was in Elementary and Junior High School. My best mate, Kelly, and I wrote all the time together, and we would read each other's stories and let little to no one else read them. In fact, it was the decision to LET someone else read my stories that made me stop writing in the first place. My grade 9 English teacher (though I loved him to death), critiqued the living hell out of my story. He gave me a bunch of advice on things 'not to do', which happened to also be all the things that made me love writing. I don't think I really realized it at the time, but subconciously his critiques made me belive I simply wasn't any good at writing, and so I stopped doing it.

But then I decided to start up again, for a hobby, to keep my mind off my the recent dumping of me by my five-year boyfriend. I didn't think I was goingt to really get anywhere with it...probably get one or two reviews and then give up after a few contrived chapters.

Luckily I was wrong! The first HP fanfic I started still isn't getting much attention, but I'm having a ball writing it. And my slash fiction has been getting TONNES of attention, which I can honestly say I'm totally eating up. So I don't suck after all, huh? ^_^

Anyway, so here I am. My real name is Tré (well, that's sort of a nickname to my real name, but I'm not giving my real name on the net, sorry ^_~), and I'm 20 years old and currently studying to become an engineering technologist. However, my real dreams in life all incorporate some form of fame. ^_^ I would love to become a real author, an actor, a singer...something like that.

I'm sticking with author, since it's the one that seems the most plausible. XD

Someday I'm going to take a crack at writing my own original fiction. For now I'm going to get tonnes of writing practice by doing many fanfics. I'm having a load of fun with Prophecies of War, which I've already planned a sequal AND a prequel to. And I'm loving the slash genre. Apparently I'm fairly good at it. *thumbs up*

My long-term goals are to create a manga, or possibly a doujinshi. I love them so much, although I only have a few. So pretty. On that note, someday I will probably draw some illustrations for my story, which I will post a link to in the chapters. Look forward to it! ^_^

Okay, so that's definetly more than you needed to know about me. ^_^

I previously had "I want to have Remus Lupin's children!" written at the bottom of this page, but I've half-changed my mind. Now I want Remus AND Sirius. At once. Because I'm a sicko. *grabs them both and runs*

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