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Hullo world!

This is Fanaticomatic Super Tolkien Lover, former name OFBLOODANDROSES. Sorry, that last one was just a bit too severe. This one is more lovable! Tehehe!

Not writing anything right now, but I like reading and reviewing!

As for my fandoms, they are as follows.


Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, chiefly.

Really, anything Disney or Pixar, but I'm a bit more choosy about the latter. But if I would have to pick from each, probably Mulan or Frozen. Then definitely Brave. Merida is really my favorite.

Most things from Marvel, except maybe the awful Hulk movies they made in the 2000s. Favorite Marvel is Cap. America, the Winter Soldier.

How to Train Dragon.

Hunger Games. (The books were soooooooo much better.)

Harry Potter. (Duh.)

BBC Jane Austen stuff.

Les Miserables.

Star Wars.

Star Trek. (These last two I really just watch the movies. Haven't read the books or watched the TV shows or anything. Sorry.)

TV Shows.

NCIS. (All three, including the original, Los Angles and New Orleans. NCIS was pretty much the first show I was watching once I got off of kiddy shows.)



(No Doctor Who, but I have two parts of Superwholock. Isn't that good enough????)

I can hold my own in Game of Thrones, but I most certainly don't watch that incestuous, crude crap. I only know the characters because of the internet.




The Flash

Agents of Shield (I'm so sorry, but I still think Ward can turn good.)


Blacklist (Really, I'm surprised more people don't watch it.)

Grimm (Omigosh, love it so much.)

When Calls the Heart (This is Hallmark, so I wouldn't be surprised if people weren't familiar with it.)


Way tooooo many to put on here.

Hunger Games

Warriors (This was my favorite when I was younger.)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Ascendance Trilogy


Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit

The Silmarrlion (I think that's how you spell it.)

North and South (The one by Elizabeth Gaskell, not the Civil War one.)

Grimm Tales

The Mistborn Chronicles

And lots more.


McGeexAbby from NCIS

KensixDeeks from NCIS L.A.

SherlockxMolly from Sherlock. (Sorry, no Johnlock here.)

ArwenxAragorn from LOTR.

EowynxFaramir from LOTR.

I read a fanfic and accidentally started shipping EowynxBoromir. Whoops.

LegolasxTauriel from the Hobbit (#sorrynotsorry.) I love Tauriel.

I like a good DeanxOC or SamxOC or even a GabrielxOC. (I don't really do slash, if you haven't already noticed. Maybe a Destiel if was K and kind of implied.)

PERCABETH!!!! Get your nasty Perachel and Perico away from me.

As previously stated. OLICITY!!

BarryxIris from The Flash

GaladrielxCeleborn from The Silmarrilion. (I actually didn't like them all that much until I read about their relationship in that book.)

BerenxLuthien from the Silmarrilion.

LizxRessler from Blacklist. (I still believe in my heart of hearts that Red is her dad, and so am unable to ship.)

WardxKira from Agents of Shield.

CoulsonxMay from Agents of Shield.

CastlexBeckett from Castle.

NickxTrubel from Grimm. (Is that weird? It is a little, but I just can't stand Juliette, even before she went evil.)

MunroexRosalie from Grimm.

IchabodxAbby from Sleepy Hollow.

MeridaxHiccup in crossovers.

ElsaxJack Frost, also in crossovers.

NatashaxBarton from Marvel (I really just can't get behind NatxBruce. I know he has a family and all, but hey, can't help what you ship.)

PeetaxKatniss from... I think we all know where from.


HarryxGinny from again, we all know. (I don't know where all this Harmione, Drarry and other stuff came from. Like really, they were made for each other.)

RonxHermione. (Hate hate hate Dramione)


Really, all book canon in Harry Potter, except...

LunaxNeville. (JK really should have just wrote that in.)

Plus a lot more that I can't think of.

More to know about me. If you're interested, that is. I mean, I am kind of amazing. *flips hair voluptuously, but ends up getting it my eyes and mouth* Bleah! Anyway...

I am starting college this summer hope I will do well. Probably won't have time to read very much, but I'm addicted.

Also, I think you should know that I am a cigar-smoking, fundamentalist, pro-life Republican. Sorry, but people say they don't want politics, but honestly, it's everywhere. Also, just to make it clear, I don't smoke, 'cause it kills ya, but I'm just about everything else.

I pretty much read all fantasy (except Game of Thrones and other smutty reading materials following the same thread.) Brandon Sanderson is my fav. Don't read much fiction or romance. Well, I read some John Green, but does that count?

Really though, Tolkien has my heart.

Have a awesome day!!!

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