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As a music lover, the titles for all of my stories so far are from songs. Minor spoilers for my works ahead.

Summer Lovin': I got this title from the song 'Summer Nights' from the musical Grease. The story loosely follows what John Travolta and Olivia Newton John sing about, two teenagers falling in love during summer but then, alas, that summer coming to a close. Obviously this story doesn't follow every single event from the song, but the general theme is there.

Comfort Crowd: 'Comfort Crowd' is a song by Conan Gray about being so lonely that you just want a friend to sit with you and keep you company. Conan is one of my favorite artists and his music has helped me through so much and influenced me a lot. If you read the story you see a consistent theme of friendship and company. Not just with Tris and Tobias, but also with the other characters. I wanted to create bonds and love with my favorite characters and OCs.

Million Dollar Bills: 'Million Dollar Bills' is a song by Lorde. My idol. I have so much love for that woman and the way that all her music just speaks to me. This song is from her album 'Pure Heroine' which has a theme of nostalgia and a perfect teen experience. Which to an outsiders perspective it would seem like Tris would have all of this considering she is a rich young woman in high society. But much like Lorde's music, this story goes to show that an outsider perspective is often wrong and you can be so yearning for something but still not be happy. Tris comes from a wealthy family in this fic, which is why I used this particular song for the title.

All Good: 'All Good' is a title of one of Jhene Aiko's songs. If you listen to the lyrics they describe Tobias and Tris's messy and zealous relationship and how they have a knack for getting under each other's skin.

Thriller: 'Thriller' is Michael Jackon's infamous song that is now known as a Halloween song. Even if this fic isn't particularly "thrilling", I associate the Halloween feeling with this song and therefore it inspired a lot of my writing.

The Other Side: 'The Other Side' is another Conan Gray song, and the title for the sequel to Comfort Crowd. Will Tris and Tobias make it to the other side together? It is a song about the people you meet, the places you see, and getting ready to grow up and adapt to change, which I feel is very fitting for this fanfic.

Update Schedule:

Million Dollar Bills: Updates every Wednesday.

The Other Side: Updates every Sunday.

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If you're a guest or don't like using PMs then you're more than welcome to email me: bythebye65 gmail . com

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