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To anyone from the Ranma-verse fandom, and who would ever bother reading my page (I HIGHLY doubt anyone will), Here's my thoughts of Genma.

I've seen quite a few portrayals in which he's a controlling bastard... Honestly I don't see that at all. To be controlling one needs to be actively planning and one does NOT make a child as willful as Ranma. Genma Saotome has pretty much instilled everything that makes Ranma, Ranma. If he wished to have a child he can control, he'd pull a Gendo. And I'm sure that you can still have a weak willed yet combat ready person.

The other factor is... Genma's an idiot. There's so many different examples of this in canon that it's... Rather hilarious but that's besides the point. Genma wishes for the perfect heir, and is so obsessed that you've seen the results.

I've also seen Ranma portrayed as a complete idiot. Not the case here. He's just simply too ADD to pay attention in class. Although you can blame Genma for this one. Genma literally says that anything that has anything to do with the art is a distraction to the art, and has drilled this into Ranma from day one of training. Sure there's the whole fiancé ordeal but I think that's only because he's more obsessive about that than his ideal perfect heir.

Ranma being an idiot means that he's incapable of learning anything. That he can pick up on Martial Arts with just a glance and figure out the finer mechanics of it means that he has the mental capacity of a genius. The best example of this would be the Umi-Senken arc. He's also a living camera recorder apparently. You need more than photographic memory to only pick apart a technique like that in one glance. The best example of this for school purposes is that during one of the chapters, the principle actually threw out test results into the public, and it was shown that Ranma had an okay score, despite the fact that he wasn't in school all that often. If he were to seriously apply his observational skills and camera recorder brain towards academics, he'd be the bane of many universities. I highly doubt that Rumiko Takahashi intended for him to be a genius, but that is what she created.

List of Anime that need my attention(no particular order at the moment, you can skip this if you wish, this is more for myself than anything else):

All of UC Gundam

Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Space Battleship Yamato

Super Sentai Go Busters

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann(seen bits and pieces of it... Gokaigar is definitely going before this though)

Dragon Drive(Anime, already finished the manga)

Big O

Karakuri Circus

Witchcraft Works

First things first, I mostly watch some of the older stuff... And mostly science fiction for that matter. This is mostly due to how I grew up, but meh. If anything here is lacking in animation quality, it's most likely because it's old. As in 90's or older old. Now then, moving on to...

Recommended Anime/Manga List:

- Tekkaman Blade

- Top no Nerai: Gunbuster

- Top no Nerai 2: Diebuster

- Getter Robo Saga(original, G, Shin, Go, and Arc)

- Getter Robo Devolution

- Getter Robo Armageddon

- New Getter Robo

- Mazinger Z(Manga)

- Shin Mazinger Zero

- Yamada kun and the 7 Witches

- The Soultaker(Tatsunoko anime, not the live action movie)

- GaoGaiGar

- GaoGaiGar FINAL

- Rozen Maiden(Manga, as with Dragon Drive, I can't comment about the anime. Watch episode 5 of the anime though, it's hilarious).

- Gatchaman Crowds Season 1

- Gatchaman Crowds Season 2(If you've already seen S1, S2's first three-five episodes will seem a bit offputing to you, but trust me when I say it gets much more cohesive acter that)

- Gundam Build Fighters

- Gundam Unicorn

- Gundam 0080 War in a Pocket

- Gundam F91

- Gundam 00 Season 1

- RosarioVampire(Read the manga, I've heard terrible things about the anime)

- Ranma 1/2(Manga first, then anime... I've heard things about the anime)

- Boku Girl

- Fukigen Cinderella(tentatively)

- Angelic Layer(Either manga or anime, although the anime is more satisfying though... Actually, the anime left me hungering for more)

- Heaven's Lost Property(Manga)

- Infinite Stratos(More for fun than anything else... don't touch if you don't like harem)

- Dragon Drive(Manga... I can't say anything about the anime as I have not seen it yet)

- Fullmetal Alchemist

- Yugioh Season 0

- Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell

- I Wanna Be the Twin Tail!

- Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl(it's cute)

- Magical Change(so much cracky fun)

- Mayonaka no X Giten

- Sekainohate de Aimashou

- Shitei Bouryoku Shoujo Shiomi chan

- Megu Miruku

- Oto X Maho

- Past Future

- TriPeace

- Bloomed in Action(it's funny)

- Blue Drop(all of them. oh god the feels, right in the gut, wwhhhyyyyy?!)

- Balance Policy

- Gisiu Honey Trap(one of the more questionable ones on my list, but it so darned fluffy)

- Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha

- Artificial Maiden(aka Jinzou Shoujo)

- Kanojo Ni Naru Hi(warning, risk of diabetes)

- Saikano: The Last Love Song on This Little Planet.(Word of warning, this is not a happy story, this is a human story)

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