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Welcome to My Mind Palace:

Hello and Welcome to my profile here you will find a collection of completed, WIP, and one-shots. The stories I've read contain things along the line of Mpreg, Slash, Preg, Lemons, Romance, Drama, Angst, Tragedy (very rare), Humor, Parody and so much more my stories range from Slash to Het to FemSlash (starting to really see the appeal of it, its really fun to read lately but it makes up about 0.9% of my favorite stories), I like to keep an open mind when I read stories so some of my stories I've read contain things you might find offensive or squicky. I rarely read stories that contain rape graphic but its alright to be mentioned because its not very comfortable for me, it's extremely triggering. I don't like stories with too much angst because I like to read things that are fun but have drama in them also, some may contain what is considered 'dark' such as psychopaths, murderers, and people with less morals than is what is canon of the stories (I like really dark stories, gory but to some extent. I usually like villain characters more than the heroes and I like turning the heroes into the villains. Most of my stories are Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, Twilight, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Crossovers, LOTR, The Hobbit, InuYasha, PJATO, Merlin, Supernatural, Thor/The Avengers, Teen Wolf, Sherlock and Once Upon a Time. Sometimes Japanese Anime and Manga (very rare like 0.2% of the time)

PS: Things that are underlined in the profile are much more important than my pointless drivel.

Let Me Introduce Myself:

Hello there you homosapiens of planet Earth! My name is R and I am twenty-one years of age. I'm introverted and asocial. I am a LGBTQIA advocate and supporter. I don't tolerate racism, bigotry, prejudice, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, xenophobia, white-washing, LGBTQIA erasure (shipping gay characters with the opposite sex, just saying bisexual or pansexual people are just a stepping stone to being gay, etc.) and/or bullying nor hate towards any type of religions.

Fandom(s) / Pairings:




plural noun: fandoms

the fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc., regarded collectively as a community or subculture.

Harry Potter: Drarry, HP/LV, HP/SS, Snarry, HP/LM, Fenrir/Harry, HP/SS/LM

The Mortal Instruments: Malec, Sizzy, Salec (Simon and Alec), Jalec (Alec/Jace)

Avengers/Thor: FrostIron, ThunderFrost, Stucky

The Vampire Diaries: Steroline, Damon/OMC, Bamon, Stelena, Alaric/Damon (Dalaric), Klonnie, Kennett

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Percebeth, Percy/Triton, Percy/Poseidon, Percy/Nico

Twilight: Edward/Bella, Bella/Marcus, Bella/Aro, Bella/Jasper, Bella/Garrett

Supernatural: Wincest, Gabriel/Sam Wincester (Sabriel), Castiel/Dean Winchester (Destiel)

InuYasha: InuCest, Sesshōmaru/OFC

Teen Wolf: Sterek

Once Upon a Time: OutlawQueen, CaptainSwan

Merlin: Merthur

Sherlock: Mycroft/Gregory Lestrade, JohnLock

Vampire Knight: Zero/Kaname

HP-Crossover Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Legolas, Harry Potter/Dean Winchester, Harry Potter/Loki, Harry Potter/Tony Stark, Harry Potter/Edward Cullen, Harry Potter/Carlisle Cullen, Harry Potter/Jasper Whitlock-Hale

Twilight-Vampire Diaries Crossover Pairings: Bella/Klaus Bella/Damon Bella/Stefan Bella/Elijah

Danny Phantom: Vladimir "Vlad/Plasmius" Masters/Danny 'Phantom' Fenton

Glee: Kurtofsky, Klaine, Sebastian/David 'Dave' Kurofsky, Samcedes

Be in mind that some of the stories that I read are not on this website just stating my favorite pairings but most of these you can find in my 'Favorite Stories' category or in my 'Favorite Authors' and their 'Favorite Stories'. Most Castiel/Dean or Sherlock/John stories that I read are A/B/O (Alpha/ Beta/ Omega Dynamics or Omegaverse) which you can find on AO3

The 'strike-through' indicates I haven't really been reading that fanfiction lately

The Stories I Read/Stories I Despise:

The majority of the stories I read are in fact 'M' rated which means mostly likely their are lemons OR graphic things that just aren't sorted for people of a certain age group in what you what to read in general in the stories. I rarely read anything lower than 'T' rating. Just thought I'd clarify that up for anybody who may come across this profile in the future and wants to find something to read such as myself that used other people's profiles and look through there favorites to see things that I in fact did not read and it seems interesting.

I absolutely despise harem-fics don't get me wrong some of them are really good its just weird to imagine person with like 6 wives or something its odd, I mean theirs nothing wrong with it in real life I just don't like to read about it. Its rare for me to read a slash/harem-fic when its like about creature mates type thing then its acceptable otherwise its just odd for me to read and extremely uncomfortable. I don't like angst...It really gets me down how angsty fics be and I really don't like it. Sometimes I like harem fics but I don't like them that are mixed sexuality type thing when its a man with 3-7 mates and their girls I don't like them to be 'in love' or even do anything remotely sexual with the other girls especially if they classify as 'heterosexual' characters. I also don't really like the read Harry Potter Het and the only reason why I would if the stories are really good that they're worth it truly I think Harry is suited with more of a male than a female his character in general doesn't seem as dominant (although not all men have to be masculine muscly etc -- its just odd and it takes something to get used to when most of the stories you've read of Harry Potter are slash I just find that he seems better suited in a homosexual -- or 'slash' relationship that's my opinion but I actually do read/ getting used to Harry Potter Het no offense -- to the Harry Potter Het lovers, Harry Potter and a female character just makes me uncomfortable, very squicky.) although Het in general I do love BTW!

PS: I do like Harry Potter Het when its not involved with Harry Potter himself, such as Hr/TMR or Dramione or Hr/SS any het that involves Harry Potter characters but not Harry himself I like, and I like Het in general just not in the Harry Potter Universe that much.

Reading Habits:

Depends on the day and what I'm doing that specific day, but I usually read up to 3-10 stories a day depending on the length and depending on the website. My taste change sometimes I want Het, or something I just want Slash, or sometimes I'm in the mood for Femslash.

Favorite Quote(s):

These are pretty much the quotes that I've come along to read and enjoyed them.

"Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living and above all, those who live without love."
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

“Sometimes life's going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith. I'm convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did.”
Steve Jobs

“Knowledge is power. Power to do evil...or power to do good. Power itself is not evil. So knowledge itself is not evil.”
Veronica Roth, Allegiant

“Madness, as you know, is a lot like gravity, all it takes is a little push.” ― The Joker, The Dark Knight

“So many books, so little time.”
Frank Zappa

“I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.”
Oscar Wilde, The Happy Prince and Other Stories

“Heav'n hath no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn'd, Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn'd.
― William Congreve,
The Mourning Bride (Act III Scene 2)

"Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak."
Sun Tzu (The Art of War)

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”
William Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”
William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

“The world is not a wish-granting factory.”
John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

“Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we're quoting.”
John Green

“It always shocked me when I realized that I wasn’t the only person in the world who thought and felt such strange and awful things.”
― John Green,
Looking for Alaska

“Who are you to judge the life I live?
I know I'm not perfect
-and I don't live to be-
but before you start pointing fingers...
make sure you hands are clean!”
Bob Marley

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.
― Maya Angelou

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.
― Lao Tzu

Currently Reading: And Their Fandoms:

Websites and

[Warning / Disclaimer: I have no claim over these fanfictions I just have them here because I'm reading them to keep track of where I am and if you want to read them too]

-- This section of my profile is here because I have a-lot of bookmarks of stories that I've read and never finished and some I don't want to finish so I'm storing the ones that I want to finish here. It's been taking up needless space over 1k bookmarks. Most of them that are not on this list I've read during the passing or they were one-shots or short stories or abandoned stories that are short --

(This section is a work in progress I.. am bloody lazy so yeah...)

Harry Potter Slash:

~Harry Potter/Tom M. Riddle-Voldemort~ Chapter 1~

(This is a sequel if you love HPLV or HPTMR you need to read this story its absolutely amazing. I'm going to start to continuation the one with the link soon 2015/10/10 4:35 AM)

~Harry Potter/Sirius Black~ Chapter 13~

~Harry Potter/Fenrir Greyback~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy~ Chapter 3~

~Harry Potter/Male Harem~ Chapter 45~

~Harry Potter/Severus Snape~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Lucius Malfoy~ Chapter 17~

~Harry Potter/Lucius Malfoy~ Chapter 3~

~Harry Potter/Unknown Character-Possible OC~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Tom M. Riddle-Voldemort~ Chapter 10~

~Harry Potter/Tom M. Riddle-Voldemort~ Chapter 4~

~Harry Potter/Severus Snape~ Chapter 3~

~Harry Potter/Severus Snape~ Chapter 4~

~Harry Potter/Severus Snape~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Severus Snape~ Chapter 2~

~Harry Potter/Tom M. Riddle-Voldemort~ Chapter 2~

~Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy~ Chapter 6~

~Harry Potter/?~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/OC~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Blaise Zabini, Future Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy~ Chapter 8~

~Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Salazar Slytherin~ Chapter 18~

Harry Potter Xover Slash:

~Harry Potter/Khal Drogo/Daario Naharis~ Chapter 15~

~Harry Potter/Edward Cullen~ Chapter 2~

~Harry Potter/Eric Northman~ Chapter 12~

~Harry Potter/Unknown Pairing~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Dean Winchester~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter (Haku)/Zabuza Momochi~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Edward Cullen~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Edward Cullen~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Anthony 'Tony' Stark~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Sebastian Michaelis~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Sesshomaru~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Steve 'Captain America' Rogers/Bucky 'The Winter Soldier'/Loki Odinson-Laufeyson (Threesome to Future Foresome)~ Chapter 29~

~Harry Potter/?~ Chapter 7~

~Harry Potter/Bruce 'Hulk' Banner~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Anthony 'Tony'/'Iron Man' Stark~ Chapter 8~

~Harry Potter/Damon Salvatore~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Edward Cullen~ Chapter 27~

~Harry Potter/Thorin Oakenshield~ Chapter 17~

~Harry Potter/Sam Winchester~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Jacob Black~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Emmett Cullen~ Chapter 12~

~Harry Potter/The Goblin King Jareth~ Chapter 13~

Harry Potter Het & Genderbender Het:

~Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood~ Chapter 13~

~Bellatrix LeStrange/Remus Lupin~ Chapter 1~

~Hermione Granger/Tom M Riddle-Voldemort~ Chapter 5~

~Hermione Granger/Severus Snape~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Fleur Delacour~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Tracey Davis~ Chapter 1~

~Hermione Granger/Blaise Zabini~ Chapter 1~

~Harry Potter/Hermione Granger~ Chapter 1~

Harry Potter Xover Het & Genderbender Xover Het:

~Fem!Harry Potter/Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott~ Chapter 3~

~Fem!Harry Potter/Unknown~ Chapter 1~

Harry Potter FemmeSlash Genderbender FemmeSlash:

~Fem!Harry Potter/Raven~ Chapter 1~

Mortal Instruments Slash:

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 15~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 1~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 1~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 12~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 1~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 20~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 18~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 22~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 20~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 2~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 1~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 3~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 12~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 6~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Jonathon 'Sebastian' Morgenstern~ Chapter 1~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 4~

~Alexander 'Alec Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 5~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 17~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 27~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 3~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 1~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 1~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 2~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 1~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 2~

~Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood/Magnus Bane~ Chapter 9~

Supernatural Het:

~Lucifer/OC~ Chapter 8~

Supernatural Xover Slash:

~Sam Wincester/Eric Northman~ Chapter 5~

Twilight Het:

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Aro 'Volturi'~ Chapter 1~

~Edward Cullen/Leah Clearwater~ Chapter 1~

~Leah Clearwater/Demetri 'Volturi'~ Chapter 1~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Laurent~ Chapter 8~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Caius 'Volturi'~ Chapter 1~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Caius 'Volturi'~ Chapter 24~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Jasper 'Hale' Whitlock~ Chapter 5~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Jasper 'Hale' Whitlock~ Chapter 1~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Caius 'Volturi'~ Chapter 10~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Marcus 'Volturi'~ Chapter 6~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Paul Lahote~ Chapter 1~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Peter~ Chapter 28~

~Leah Clearwater/Alec~ Chapter 5~

Twilight Slash:

~Edward Cullen/Jacob Black~ Chapter 1~

~Edward Cullen/Jasper 'Hale/Cullen' Whitlock~ Chapter 7~

Twilight FemmeSlash:

Twilight Xover Het:

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Elijah Mikaelson~ Chapter 1~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Niklaus 'Klaus' Mikaelson~ Chapter 1~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Damon Salvatore~ Chapter 7~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Damon Salvatore~ Chapter 1~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Henrik Mikaelson~ Chapter 1~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Elijah Mikaelson~ Chapter 1~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Godric~ Chapter 9~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton~ Chapter 1~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Legolas Greenleaf~ Chapter 1~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Godric~ Chapter 1~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Fíli~ Chapter 1~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Derek Hale~ Chapter 16~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Legolas Greenleaf~ Chapter 35~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Niklaus 'Klaus' Mikaelson~ Chapter 9~

~Isabella 'Bella' Swan/Damon Salvatore~ Chapter 1~

Twilight Xover Slash:

The Vampire Diaries Het:

~Damon Salvatore/OC~ Chapter 9~

~Elena Gilbert/Elijah Mikaelson~ Chapter 1~

~Niklaus 'Klaus' Mikaelson/OC~ Chapter 1~

~Caroline Forbes/Elijah Mikaelson~ Chapter 1~

~Niklaus 'Klaus' Mikaelson/Bonnie Bennett~ Chapter 2~

~Bonnie Bennett/Stefan Salvatore~ Chapter 4~

~Niklaus 'Klaus' Mikaelson/Bonnie Bennett~ Chapter 11~

~Niklaus 'Klaus' Mikaelson/Bonnie Bennett~ Chapter 10~

~Bonnie Bennett/Damon Salvatore~ Chapter 6~

~Bonnie Bennett/Stefan Salvatore~ Chapter 11~

~Elena Gilbert/Elijah Mikaelson~ Chapter 6~

The Vampire Diaries Xover Het:

The Vampire Diaries FemmeSlash:

~Katerina 'Katherine Pierce' Petrova/Elena Gilbert~ Chapter 29~

~Katerina 'Katherine Pierce' Petrova/Elena Gilbert~ Chapter 9~

The Vampire Diaries Slash:

~Stefan Salvatore/Niklaus 'Klaus' Mikaelson~ Chapter 1~

The Vampire Diaries Xover Slash:

Harry Potter/Thor and/or 'The Avengers' Het:

~Hermione Granger/Loki Laufeyson-Odinson~ Chapter 2~


Sherlock (2009) Slash:

Sherlock (2009) Het & Genderbender Het:

~Sherlock Holmes/Fem!John Watson~ Chapter 1~

~Sherlock Holmes/Fem!John Watson~ Chapter 1~

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Slash:

~Alexander 'Xander' Harris/Spike~ Chapter 7~

~Alexander 'Xander' Harris/Spike~Chapter 1~

~Angelus/Alexander 'Xander' Harris~Chapter 20~

PJATO Slash:

~Percy Jackson/Nico di Angelo~ Chapter 3~

~Percy Jackson/Phoebus Apollo~ Chapter 1~


Teen Wolf Slash:

~Derek Hale/Jackson Whittemore~ Completed awaiting delete~

Teen Wolf Xover Slash:

Peter Hale/Brian O'Connor~ Chapter 5~

Once Upon a Time Het:

Anime/Manga Slash:

True Blood Het:

Danny Phantom Slash:

~Vladimir "Vlad/Plasmius" Masters/Danny 'Phantom' Fenton~ Chapter 2~

~Vladimir "Vlad/Plasmius" Masters/Danny 'Phantom' Fenton~ Chapter 1~

~Vladimir "Vlad/Plasmius Masters/ Danny 'Phantom' Fenton~ Chapter 1~

Glee Slash:

~David 'Dave' Karofsky/Sebastian Smythe~ Chapter 10~

~David 'Dave' Karofsky/Kurt Hummel~ Chapter 15~

~David 'Dave' Karofsky/Kurt Hummel~ Chapter 3~

~Kurt Hummel/Sebastian Smythe~ Chapter 12~

LOTR/The Hobbit Slash:

~Elven King Thranduil/Kíli~ Chapter 31~

Alice Slash:

~Alice 'Alex'/The Mad Hatter~ Chapter 1~

X-Men Slash:

~Kurt 'Nightcrawler' Wagner/Logan 'Wolverine' Howlett~ Chapter 11~

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