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Hello random visitor to my profile. Seriously why are you here? But, nevertheless, I am a huge Pokemon fan, and a few months ago I found FanFiction where my Pokemon interests skyrocketed! I've read so many stories, many of which were not finished so I ended up making an account so I could know when one got updated. I honestly have no qualms about what I read, my only requirements are a decent plot, decent grammar/English, and dear god please no play style format, a big pet peeve of mine. I do prefer Romance and more specifically Adventure/Romance, but anything will do.

As far as shipping goes, I will read just about anything, but mainly I like having Ash as a part of the ship. I'm fine with Ash/OC, (Secrets by fujin of shadows is so good, grammar could be improved though) pretty much any ship he is in, though I haven't warmed up to Negaishipping and MorpheusShipping for example, but all I need is a good story and I'll be hooked. I really don't like reading Love Triangles sometimes because they can get a little repetitive or bland. Another pet peeve of mine is when Ash is too dense. Now I get it, the kid's dense as a brick, (I do like stories that mature him a little) but seriously, too dense can be too much. I've literally seen stories where Ash sees Misty&Tracy walking around holding hands and decides the only logical answer is that Misty is scared?! Another thing I would like to point out are betrayal stories, now don't get me wrong I've read and enjoyed quite a few, but in-character, Ash's friends would never betray him if they are in their right and sane minds. Ash has saved their lives way to many times for them to ruin that friendship. I can see the angle of the parents say he's too dangerous to be around or is a magnet for trouble, but they wouldn't flat out tell him to go to hell because he lost a league, that doesn't make sense to me.

I really have no shippings I don't like except for most same sex pairings (Dawn/Zoey is starting to warm up on me though), not because I am against it, I support gay marriage, I just don't particularly enjoy reading about it.

My favorite story:

A New Journey by Texas Longhorn: he is a great author, and the characters almost always act as they are do in canon, just with a spice of maturity displayed on occasion. The story is great, I love the plot line and the elements of romance are really sweet to read, I find myself going back to specific chapters to just read those moments again.
(Chapters 25, 27, 30, 32-33, 39, 49, 55, 57, 62) I've read the story as a whole at least 9 times by now.

As far as favorite characters go, my top 3:

Ash: So original, I know, but still I like Ash a lot, if he was able to mature and actually grow older, (seriously, biggest pet-peeve about the anime) I would definitely start watching the show again.

May: It's almost a tie between May and Misty, but in the end May has a more likable persona, and that draws me to her. I like how she started with Pokemon, how Ash mentored her.

Misty: In my opinion, it is really obvious Misty had feelings toward Ash, unlike May, whose are more divided between Ash and Drew, and it sucks how the creators booted her off. I would have loved to see the relationship between her and Ash grow as they traveled through the regions.

Attention: I am looking for a Pokemon Fanfiction that I found a while ago, but never followed it. I believe it takes place in Sinnoh, most likely romance. The basic plot is that Misty/May(75% sure it was Misty) come back to the gang towards the end of the Sinnoh journey. What I really liked about it was the battles, Ash was able to teach Pikachu to use double team and agility at once to look like Pikachu was teleporting. No one knows how he does this until he decides to tell Misty/May. That's about all I remember about it, so if you know what the Fanfiction is please tell me, thanks.

I am working on my first fanfiction. It's going to be a multiple chapter, hopefully 50k (Not positive on length, will have to see how well I can express detail) words. Unfortunately/fortunately, depending on how you view things, it is going to be a Return fiction. I had originally wanted to stray away from them but I had a semi-decent idea that was pretty original so I figured, why not. Currently I writing the outline; I don't want to immediately start typing chapter one in fear that I won't know what I am doing later on and lose focus. So once I have the plot and story line nailed down, chapter one will be typed as fast as I can.

Ok that was a few months ago, don't have the entire story planned, but I have the general idea. I just need the motivation to start. I actually have multiple story ideas for Poke, Pearl, Amour, Further, and Rayshipping. As well as an Ash/OC. Some more thought out than others, I just need to start.

I look forward to any feedback on the stories I may or may not produce, so a review or PM is always welcome.

That's about it, Gallade is my favorite Pokemon obviously, happy reading!

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