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Hallo! So... How should I start this...

I'm an Anime lover since I was young. In the Philippines we are called Batang 90's and the animes at that generation are the ones that really hook me into anime. Like who would say "No" to Magic Knight Rayearth? Oh my goodness Eagle!!! Kyaaaa!! I'm also a BL fan girl a certified Fujoshi!

Fanfics are my ultimate stress reliever I'm so in many fandoms such us


Shaman King

Hikaru no Go

Ace of Diamond


Prince of Tennis

Kuroko no Basket

Finder Series

Hunter x Hunter

D-gray man

Mo Dao Zu Shi

Tian Guan Ci Fu and many many more Fandoms in both and Ao3 and am I satisfied with my life? Yes absolutely!

I love BL Fanfics so much to the point that I made my own BL novel and webcomic.

Hope you guys checkouts my work on Tapas under this name too

Route-L my webcomic available in both Tapas and Webtoon

titled: 05/18

webnovel available in Tapas.

titled: Feathers and Fangs

All my works had been put on hold as I have been busy working but I'm planning on working on it again and finally finish the first book of 05/18 but Feathers and Fangs will have to wait for a little bit as that one will surely takes a lot longer to work with.

Anyway hope you can support me on my endeavors and I hope the Fanfics I have followed can help you read some awesome stories too! Let's all basked on Time travel, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sports, Romance fanfictions!!


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