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Hey, so because my phone keeps restarting, I am re-doing this for like the 6th time now. Anyway, I'm doing this to make my bio more... Anyone-who-happens-to-read-this-friendly??

Anyway, basic info time! Again!

Name: Dalton

Age: 16

Education: Highschool sophomore. I'm also an honors student.






-Video Games



-Working with electronics



-And to satisfy the inner pervert in me telling me to say this, pretty much any nice female ass. To any ladies out there that read this, if that offends you for whatever reason, then I'm sorry.








-Arrogant Assholes




-Playing video games


-Watching anime

-Working with electronics because everything tech wise is pretty much my passion in life


-Pretty much anything that requires hands on work

Food Preferences:

-Favorite Drink: Mountain Dew. It is king . It practically rules my life and I wouldn't have it any other way!

-Favorite Food: Beef in general, bacon, and tacos.

-Favorite Desert: Chocolate ice cream mixed with either chocolate or vanilla cake.

-Favorite Candy: Twix.

-Favorite Breakfast: Biscuits and gravy.

-Favorite Meal: Japanese Fried Rice with Steak bits mixed in.

-Least Favorite Food: Seafood in general although I like shrimp and tuna.

-Misc: I like beef ramen, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes... A lot.

Favorite Animals: I have a list: Grey Wolves, Penguins, Cats, and Dolphins.

To expand on my dislikes list, its because of what I came to be raised in so long story short, I have no respect for anyone involved in one of those things. If you would like to know more, please feel free to ask me in a PM.

Another result of how I was raised is that I have a high respect for both women and the military. I will not stand for anyone to bad mouth either of them. I've almost gotten into more fights than I can count for standing up for women, most of them complete strangers to me.

To talk about my personality a little. I consider myself to be very strong willed and stubborn but I know when I'm in the wrong or when I should back down even if I may not want to. Actually doing so is another story though. I absolutely refuse to back down from any challenge thrown at me unless its just completely stupid and/or not worth it. I have pretty high morals. I always try to look for the best things in life and do my best to ignore that which would bother and tear most others down. I really couldn't care less about societies opinion of me. I dress how I want, I eat what I want, I pretty much do what I want. Its my life and I'll live it how I please and suffer the consequences or rewards of doing so. I'm always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Despite being part of the lower part of the lower class I try to donate and help others as much as I can.

I have a odd way of looking at life. I believe that everything happens for a reason but that reason is whatever you make it.

I also believe in free will. I hate it when people try to condemn something like gay marriage or another religion. Gay people are incredibly nice in most cases and what have they done to all of those who dislike them for no reason what so ever? And these people who hate an entire race or religion just because of a few bad apples? Its ridiculous. Like with the terrorists. Most terrorists in the Middle East actually aren't even Muslim, they're just using it as a front and the Islamic people have such a bad name because of it. Most of the world Muslim population doesn't even live in the Middle East, they live in southeastern Asia. People that despise blacks or Hispanics because of the gangs or drug cartels are stupid. Not all of them are in cartels, on drugs, or in gangs. All these white supremacists need some humility. There are just as many white kids out there now trying to be wanna-be thugs as there are black and Hispanics. Basically, I hate stereotypes, never hate a whole group, or get all high and mighty because of a small group. And these people who hold grudges because of something one group did to their ancestors is stupid, they're all dead now, people need to learn to let go. We could all live peacefully if people would chill.

I absolutely hate how most adults immediately dismiss the opinions of many young adults and teenagers. Yes the vast majority of us are stupid, immature, idiots that need to grow up but some of us understand the world much better than people think. A lot of us are mad at the world because our parents and grandparents are all butt hurt at each other other and keep trying to pass it on to us and force their views on us instead of letting us get along like so many of us would naturally do.

Anyway, there's my info and rants. I hope that of you who read it understand me more. If you'd like to know anything else at all, need to someone to talk to because of rough times, or just an anonymous friend, please feel free to send me a PM any time and I'll respond as soon as I can. I'll be posting updates here about my story. I plan starting to write again soon and completely re-doing the first 2 chapters I have up. I'm also checking about doing a co-story with 2 different people. One approached me about helping him and I'm trying to find someone to help me with one so I'll updates things with that Here. I'll also periodically post stories that I would suggest reading or shows to watch. Oh btw, if anyone is wondering why I didn't say anything about anime's I've seen, like, or want to see, it's because there's waaaaaaay to many to talk about. My list is very extensive. If you wanna know if I've read or seen something or whatever just send me a PM. Anyway, wish me luck with everything from writing to everyday life and I'll wish the best of luck to all of you in whatever you decide to endeavor yourselves with! :-)


Btw though, to all who have favorited or followed my story, thank you but hopefully you'll like my re-write much better!!

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