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Hey guys! You all can call me booklover. I’m a country girl living in the big city with too many OCs to count. Feel free to PM if you want to talk. I can talk music, farm life, college, character development, whatever. Also, if you need a beta reader, feel free to let me know. I absolutely love helping out fellow writers.

Fandoms I hang out in: Fire Emblem, Hetalia, Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Kid Icarus, Ducktales, Gravity Falls, and occasionally NCIS (until all the, like, Tony/Gibbs fanfictions scare me off).

Current active stories: The United States of Chaos, The United States of One-Shots, A Light In the Shadows, The Gods of the North, and A Night to Remember, in that order. All of my other, uncompleted stories are on permanent hiatus unless I decide to change my mind.

Upcoming Projects: A Ducktales one-shot, a Kid Icarus story, and a Kid Icarus/Hetalia crossover.

Ships: Way too many to count. I’m not too terribly picky when it comes to shipping. The only thing I absolutely can not stand is incest ships, abusive ships, or pedophilic ships. Other than that, I don’t care.

Feel free to follow me on tumblr. I would love to interact more with you guys. You can ask me about my stories or characters, see previews of upcoming works, pester me about the next update, or ask to see one of my absolutely adorable cats (I love showing them off). Who knows, you may even see my actual face one day.

Update schedule: I don’t really have one. It’s whenever I get the time.

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