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Mystic Falls, 10th century.

3rd Person POV:

16 year old witch Hela Swenhaugen was brushing her beloved mare in the field behind her families home, not seeing Kol Mikaelson, her longtime admirer gazing at her leaning amongst a tree not too far away. She was considered to be the most beautiful young woman in the entire village, even more than Tatia Petrova herself. Not that she was aware most people thought so. She was tall for a girl at that time with a slender body, and slight hips. She had long, thick, white blonde hair that reached her lower back, clear ivory skin, and almond shaped blue eyes surrounded by dark lashes that glinted with curiosity and contentment. Hela has never fancied herself in love, she always believed herself too busy with taking care of her younger brother and recently sick mother to be even consider love. She supposed she briefly fancied Elijah Mikaelson when she was younger, but most girls in the village did, with his strong features and honor and the way he took care of his younger siblings with such care melted her heart, yet she no longer fancied him and he and his brother Niklaus were both currently involved with Tatia anyway. His brother Kol annoyed her the very few times she had spoken to him with his obvious flirtation and vulgar language, and overall immaturity. He was very handsome, Hela mused, but she could not find the arrogant village womanizer attractive with the way he is. Little did she know, he was watching her delicately brush her horse in quiet longing. Little did she know, he has been in love with her for years, and his womanizing was just an attempt to catch her attention.

1st Person POV:

After I put my horse away in the stall after her brushing, I went back to garden and picked some flowers for my recovering mother and some herbs to cast a spell to speed her recovery even further. As I opened the door home, I was aware of my almost fully better mother sitting in the main area of our home with my Father, 9 year old little brother Bjorn, and the whole entire Mikaelson family except Mikael and Finn whom I heard was with some other men of our village hunting for the next few days. I was very confused as to why the Mikaelsons were at our home. "Hela!" Bjorn yelled, racing to me and giving me a hug as I knelt down with the flowers and herbs and returned the embrace with a cheeky grin while my embarrassed parents and curious seeming Mikaleson family looked on. "Bjorn, you saw me yet but a few hours ago, little brother," I said with my continued grin. "I know but I love you so much and missed you anyway." He said with wide eyes. My heart melting, I stroked his hair and replied, "Me too my darling brother, me too." I heard a throat clear, making me flush in embarrassment forgetting my parents and the guests now looking at me with different stares. Esther looked like she was even more sure of something as she looked at me, I do not know why though. Elijah looked at me with respect, probably because he was the oldest of his siblings. Rebekah looked touched, along with Niklaus and Kol looked at me in awe, which was making me uncomfortable because he's the village womanizer and never looks at anyone like that. As I got over my embarrassment over their staring my mother asked, "Hela, will you put your brother to bed and come right back, we have some things to discuss with our guests that include you". "Of course mother." I said, the confusion written all over my face as I set aside the herbs and flowers and grabbed my brother and tucked him in with a kiss on the forehead. As I came back to the main area with everyone, I sat in between my mother and father across from our guests. Mother took my hand and squeezed, and silence set over and I felt all eyes on me for whatever reason. Suddenly Esther said "So Hela, I heard you are a witch". "Yes, I am," I stated and saw Esther smile. "Well. My husband and I think its a perfect match." She said to my confusion and I saw Kol smile for a reason I was not sure. "Mother, Father, what is going on?" I asked, suddenly not getting a good feeling. My father turned to me and said, "You are to be married to Kol". I felt like I was slapped. I never cried once in my life. Never. I have always been calm and collected, and happy. Even when I would injure myself outside or during a difficult spell I never cried. But I never felt so sad and shocked and angry in my life. Before I could collect myself I swallowed, made some gasping noise, and burst into tears. In front of everyone. I was officially humiliated. I saw the shocked looks of my parents and and the uncomfortable looking family sitting across from me and downtrodden looking Kol. He had no reason to look sad. Even if he was married to me, he could sleep with any woman he wanted, being the man in the marriage. Before anyone could say anything, I got up and ran out of my home without a word into the night air. I walked to my field and layed down on my back and eventually the tears stopped. I just layed down and watched the stars until I heard footsteps and someone lay right beside me, feeling eyes on my face. I thought it was my little brother who might have followed me until I heard, "I'm sorry." I whipped my head around, shocked, and saw the soft gaze of Kol. "I apologize for my rudeness, however I do not want to end up in a loveless marriage with the village womanizer," I said coldly. He just laughed softly, yet looked hurt. I did not know why, it was the truth. "I only did those things to catch a woman's attention whom I loved since we were children". "Why don't your parents marry you off to her then?" I asked looking at him still. "They are". He said simply. I was about to laugh and tell him I am no fool and know the tricks he uses to seduce women, until I looked into his eyes. REALLY looked. To my utter shock, I saw love, adoration, longing. "You're telling the truth". I said, the bafflement clear in my voice. "I am, I've loved you from a distance for a long time. Everyone knows it but you. My siblings have teased me about for years, saying the one girl I actually love, has none in her heart for me". "Why have you never told me?" I asked. "Afraid of rejection, your the one girl I couldn't be able to handle it from." I just nodded, speechless and watched the stars once again, in comfortable silence for hours while Kol looked at me the whole time. I could feel his soft gaze burning into me.

A day later I apologized to his mother in private, just stating it was a big shock and she was sympathetic, her marriage was arranged as well. After about three and a half weeks of preparations, the wedding day was upon us and I was in my Viking wedding gown and my white-blonde hair was up in an elegant braided bun while my mother fussed over the few wrinkles in the dress and the maids were weaving a few tiny flowers in my hair. After that night, Kol and I got to know each other more in the little time we had leading up to this day and I concluded he wasn't so bad a person. He was still immature, mischief filled, and the vulgar language hasn't stopped, but he was a good listener, and picks me flowers when we stroll the village together, and doesn't even give any other girl a passing glance when I'm around which is admittedly flattering. My brother has also taking a liking to him which scores him a few points. As I walked down my family's field where the wedding was taking place, I felt many eyes on me, mostly men. According to my witchy-senses. I knew I was good looking, I just didn't like all the attention it gathered. I had a feeling a lot of the stares weren't just because I was the bride. I saw my mother and brother up front, looking at me proudly while my father was escorting me. The Mikalesons were looking at me in happiness. I learned all his siblings were glad I am to be his bride not just because Kol has been in love with me for years, but because they like me as a person and think I am the perfect match for him. Even Mikael, who is infamous in our village for being tough and cruel, has taking a liking to me and voiced his approval to me for his son. Esther especially likes me for my gentleness and she told me when she saw me hug my brother and commented I will be the perfect mother one day at a dinner between our families last week, much to my embarrassment, I promptly chocked on the mead I was drinking, causing Kol's siblings to all roar in laughter while Kol smirked. She also likes that I'm a very powerful witch and we practice spells together sometimes. After my father gave Kol my hand, and the ceremony officially started, I saw Kol looking at me like I'm the sun itself. The intense looks of adoration he gives me still shock me sometimes. After we kissed, which I swear Kol made a little longer than necessary, the wedding was over and we departed for the post-wedding celebration.

One morning a month after the wedding and the required consummation which wasn't as awkward as I feared, I woke up in our own home we moved into after getting married to feel Kol stroking my cheek. "Hello, darling. I'm sorry I woke you. Sometimes I just forget this is real". He says softly. I said nothing, just smiled at him, instantly seeing him brighten at the sight of it, and kiss him passionately. I still don't love Kol, not yet. For the longest time I saw him as nothing more than the arrogant village womanizer, but I'm slowly, yet surely, falling for him. Before we could get further, I felt nauseous and abruptly got out of bed, and threw up. I had a feeling what it meant.

Three months after I found out I was pregnant and told an ecstatic Kol who told his family the news that made them even happier, my baby bump was becoming visible at four months along. Apparently the night of our wedding was when our child was conceived. As I got out of bed, I saw Kol was already gone. He and his brother Finn, Elijah, Henrik, and Niklaus were spending time together today. After I got ready, I went to visit Esther and Rebekah, and my family, who became good friends with her and Mikael and was visiting them today. I went into their hut, and saw Esther and Mother and Bjorn sitting together and having tea. My father and Mikael presumably went to go hunting, as they usually do. They all hugged me, and we sat down as Esther grabbed my hands while our interlocked fingers held a medallion we swung side to side, us both chanting in Latin with our eyes shut, the reason for me coming over today. Suddenly I heard Kol and his brothers unexpectedly come back early, and I knew they were all watching their mother and I along with my mother and brother watching us, though neither of us opened our eyes or paused what we were doing. "What are they doing?" I heard all the brothers ask at once. I would have found it funny but I couldn't break the spell. "Seeing if its a boy or girl." I heard my mother reply. "Our baby"? Kol asked. "Yes". Mother said, and I heard Kol and his brothers sit and felt them all watching Esther and I continue chanting until suddenly we both stopped and opened our eyes at the same time, both smiling. "What, what is it?" Everyone asked at once. I turned to everyone and said. "A boy". Kol smirked and kissed me and sat back down looking very satisfied with himself and I felt everyone looking at me. The silence started to become awkward with expectation to my response until suddenly, I laughed. I just couldn't help it. I laughed and laughed and eventually stopped to see Kol and his brother's looking confused, Mother and Rebekah looking concerned, and Bjorn, was well asleep. Finally after a while I looked at everyone and said "A mini-Kol, may the Gods help me". And I promptly laughed again. Soon the brothers joined in my amusement over the thought along with everyone else, except Kol, who looked very put out. "What's wrong brother, afraid your son will steal your thunder?" A teary eyed Niklaus asked in his laughter. Which prompted everyone to laugh harder. Soon, Kol couldn't help but join.

I woke up to pains in my ninth month. "Kol get up! He's coming!" I said, while Kol merely turned over in his sleep. So I got the water on my night table and threw it on his face, causing him to sit up and sputter. Once he saw my visible pain, he paled, got up and retrieved his mother, my mother, and some servants to help me while he got our fathers and his brothers to wait outside the door until after the baby comes as per tradition.

Kol POV:

"How do I just sit here and wait?" Kol asked his family and Hela's, pacing while everyone was anxiously waiting. "Patience brother, everything will be fine." Elijah put a reassuring hand on his shoulder, while secretly anxious for his brothers wife who he loves as a sister, and anxious for his nephew, as well. Kol continued his pacing until the slight screaming stopped, and his smiling mother came out. "Come meet your son, Kol. He is beautiful." Minutes later, a beaming Kol came out, "Come, everyone meet him." Everyone excitedly went into the room where Kol immediately took his son and kissed his wife who went to sleep that literal second, the birth must have tired her immensely. "What is my nephews name, brother?" A grinning Henrik asked what everyone was wanting to know. Kol looked up from the son who looked just like him, save for his mothers eyes, and grinned mischievously. "Floki, his name is Floki." He said softly, kissing his son's forehead. Everyone deemed it fitting, seeing as how his father was mischievous and had a way with words just as did the Norse God Loki did.

Three Years later:

"Mother! Mother! Help!" a distressed Niklaus said as he carries the battered and bloodied brother Henrik, outside their home.

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