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Ayyo! KiyaNámiel here. Just call me Kiya. :P

Firstly, I'm a Christian and proud of it (just like I'm cracked and proud of it, but that's beyond the point), so don't expect to find me writing or favoriting any stories that contain profanity, cursing, R-rated themes, or slash content... although I shamelessly admit I use elvish insults like every die-hard Tolkien fan and SW expressions as well.

If you couldn't tell, I'm a female. Asian-American and third generation Cherokee. I'm twenty years old, currently a Junior in College majoring in History and planning to eventually get a Masters in Archaeology.

I've been a writer for six years now, though I've been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I've taken professional writing courses over the years and beta'd for several people. I'm extremely passionate about writing and the art of it, always open to learning more!

Stories that I hope to one day make. If you feel interested in the idea of adopting one of these ideas, PM me and I'll be glad to talk with you about it!

Dancing with the Dark (LotR)

She only had one good thing to offer, really. She had to have something to give them, otherwise she'd be just like any other- stripped bare in both mind and body and then tossed negligently aside like waste to rot. Her offering was meager perhaps to others, but to the darkness it was a great gift indeed: her ability to see, to be a part of their clash of words and souls; and there was nothing more sickeningly intriguing than dancing with the Dark. Part of the One Hundred Drabble challenge

My stories:

Star Wars

The Protector and the Chosen: now that I look back on it, I kinda wince, it's so rough, but as my very first fic I actually am rather proud of myself that it wasn't too shabby. It's a fic based on my name. Complete.

The Beginnings: a backstory for The Protector and the Chosen. Complete.

Redemption Comes from the Small Things: my personal best in the SW category. A Xanatos Redemption fic, since there seem to be none at all... Complete.

Masters and Padawans: humorous one-shots of Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Kiya my OC, and Qui-Gon Jinn.


Shadow Warrior: Obi-Wan Kenobi was never really normal. His life is enough to show you that... And besides, an elf-Jedi-assassin in Middle Earth? It's way too good a plot to pass up on trying to write. It was inspired by SkyleafAlchemist19's All That Remains, but it is not plagiarized. I have her permission to use her idea of an elf-assassin and also the name Daelas. On Hiatus.


Ashes from the Flames: I cringe when I look at this. It's so bad, really. It was my first Tolkien fic. But I guess it's just okay. Complete.

Father and Daughter of Fire: sequel to Ashes from the Flames. Not too bad, not too good. On Permanent Hiatus.

Memory - A one-shot of Bard's children during the Desolation of Smaug. For them, the memory would always be coated in color... Dedicated to Elleth of Mossflower who requested it as a birthday fic. Also one of my pride and joys. Complete.

Lord of the Rings

Wings of an Angel: come on, seriously, all that Aragorn and Legolas went through... There had to be a guardian angel there some where. I just put one in. And at the same time managed to save Boromir and fix Peter Jackson's mistake in killing Haldir... And romance is just a side thing, really. A little extra plus. ;) On Permanent Hiatus, as I am extremely unhappy with it.

Confessions and Fantasies: Writing romance is easy. Writing realistic romance is hard. Even Tolkien seems to have found it hard. I wanted to try my hand for some practice... So I made a series of one-shots for Tolkien's characters. Requests are accepted, though it may take a while to answer them.

Final Musings: I seriously must have morbid fascinations. These are drabbles dealing with the thoughts of some Tolkien characters at the event of their deaths... Requests are accepted happily-!

Sauron is the Cutest Thing Ever!: I had wayyyy too many good Middle Earth jokes not to share, so I decided to turn it into a total cracky fic. To my utter surprise people actually liked it... And it doesn't really have a plot. Just humor, family, and some romance. Self inserts. I am Míleth, Evangeline Pond is Elíl, and WoodElfJedi is Aegliriel. And as I have said, I love Sauron... Complete

Elf Café and Mairon's Manor: The much-awaited sequel to Sauron is the Curest Thing Ever! I still have too many good jokes not to share so... I'm just gonna dump them all in here... And yes, it was slightly inspired by Elf Academy by Fiondil. Plot twists and a lot more crack to come! Self inserts include me as Míleth, WoodElfJedi as Lir (Aegliriel), Evangeline Pond as Elíl, and Peregrin Took the Falcon as Ivrinel. On Undertermined Hiatus

Dark Fascinations of Light: There are way too many Mary-Sues, Sauron's daughters, botched self-inserts, and cliched girl-falls-into-middle-earth fics. By no means am I saying that there aren't any good ones, far from it, but I wanted to try to make a realistic version of a clichéd storyline. A darker fic that belongs into the Silmarillion category, actually. Do not read unless blood doesn't disturb you... After all, this is Angband. With Sauron. And Melkor. And dragons, Balrogs, vampires, and orcs... The dragon/human idea belongs to DeLacus and is used with her permission. Complete.

Silent Flower of Song: Book One: Setting the Chessboard: everyone loves fluff and cuteness, right? Well this is that galore... Along with lots of darker themes. Torture and angst, you have been warned. Tolkien left us many gaps in his books, which I have slightly attempted to fill with this fic. This one is mainly set in the Hobbit era. As the title suggests, it is the first book in the Silent Flower of Song Trilogy. Complete.

Silent Flower of Song: Deux: Playing the Game: second book in the Silent Flower of Song Trilogy. I think I may make a separate story on my OC Ciaran, it all depends. Tolkien left many gaps and other things unexplained in Lord of the Rings. For example, how did Galadriel know that the fellowship was coming to Lothlòrien? How did she know to send Gwaihir to fetch the body of Gandalf? What happened with Glorfindel and other characters while we focused on the fellowship? I've tried to answer some of these things and create a fairly realistic set of events that took place away from the fellowship among the elves- all the while developing a totally separate plot based on my OC... Complete.

Silent Flower of Song: Book Three: Return to Aman: READ BOOK TWO FIRST. Eruanna has finally come to Aman, battered, broken, and without her dear brother. Will she find healing, a new family, a new home, a new purpose, and even maybe... lost someone's? Watch as her dreams come true in the least-expected way as she forges a new life for herself in Valinor. On Hiatus.

One Hall of Tapestries of Vairë: Part of the one hundred Drabble challenge by NirCele, all prompts come from her. Will be focused on anything from the Silmarillion to LotR and from the Valar to Dwarves! Come with me as we wander through the halls of Mandos, and let us take a peek into one hall of different scenes in the History of Eä as woven by lady Vairë.

Dark Attractions to Light: Sequel to Dark Fascinations of Light. I was once the slave of Morgoth, but now I am servant of Melkor. Morgoth shattered my life, but Melkor glued the pieces back together. I was a vessel for the secret flame of Eru, but I gave that up willingly. Now, I have been called back for another, final task, and given back what I had given up. What am I supposed to do with it now? AU. On Permanent Hiatus.

The Horse and the Rider: Glorfindel tells Ecthelion a story... A oneshot birthday fic for LadyLindariel. Complete.


His Little Obsession: What if, when the Third Theme of Eru Ilùvatàr was sung, Eru fixed what Melkor had disturbed? By allowing something to happen that would ultimately give Melkor the choice to come back to his loving Atar? What if- what if Melkor got his wish for a little secret fire? An idea I've had for... A really long time. I will make it into a full fic, but only after I get some free time and finish a few other stories first. Complete-?

The Forgotten Eighth: A series of one-shots of thoughts of Elros, Maglor, and Maedhros, on the forgotten fourth Silmaril and eighth Feänoriàn. Just a random thought that popped into my head and begged to be written down. If Maglor and Maedhros could talk to a Silmaril, what would they say? The concept of Feärillë belongs to VCalien2015, my good friend. Thanks to her for letting me borrow Feärillë! Complete.

Life, Interrupted: Scattered Pieces - Series of scenes on the rebirth of the Fëanorions from Maedhros' perspectives as they attempt to pick up the shattered pieces of their lives and reforge long-broken bonds between estranged siblings and family. It's not the end of the world, after all- it's just an interruption in life. Part of the One Hundred Drabble Challenge by NirCele.

Unto the End - A short ficlet created from viginettes of scenes from the life of a Noldo Elf, from the Darkening of the Two Trees to the Rebellion of Feänor through the crossing of the Helcaraxë to the creation of Gondolin and his end at the side of the leader of his house. Rog and red were the only things he had come to trust, after all. Inspired by and dedicated to GingerRogers15, who requested a fic about the Helcaraxë. A sort of vent for my angsty moments and my sadistic love for this sort of writing. Excuse the heart-wrenching.

Peredhil Scheming: Maglor is weary and wary of the twins' unusual behavior. Exactly what are they up to now? And what has he forgotten? A little one-shot dedicated to WoodElfJedi. Happy first FF birthday, gwathiel! Complete.


Shatter, Fester, Break - Using prose to take a deeper look into Hetalia's shadier 2p characters, why they are who they are and why they do what they do. After all, it should be remembered that they are countries, and we are them and they are us. My take into the 2p universe of Hetalia, from the terror to the angst and the sorrow. When we peel back the layers from the 2p's, why are they as frightening as they wish to appear?


That Thing Called Family - Classic Girl-in-MCU, I'll admit, but not self-insert. My try at using an OC to flesh out the canon characters more and make a fic that can maybe do the MCU justice. Fix-it fic. Willow didn't ask to be part of this insane plan, neither did she ask to be a pawn of the universe itself. But when Thanos threatens the entire universe's existence, the cosmos has to defend itself, after all... She's got plenty to complain about, but somehow, she can't seem to actually bring herself to. Spans all of MCU.

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