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Die hard HP fan. I like to read a lot but I am not a writer myself. I like to read complete fics which have a 100k words or more.

Favorite type of plots: Super powerful Harry, Time travel, intelligent Harry, Harry getting to know the truth about Dumbledore's manipulations.

Favorite bashings: APWBD, The Weasley family (though I love this family) especially Ron, any bashing in general

Favorite ship: Harmony, Lunar Harmony. I don't mind the Canon pairing also

Favorite crossovers : HP with GOT, Avengers, X-men, SG

What I dislike in a fic

- Bad grammer

- Plot holes

- Pairings that don't make sense like Harry and Tonks or Hermione and Draco (or Snape)

- Good Snape (sorry, not a fan professer)

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