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Hi! I'm mostly here to read stuff, not really much of a writer but if you're interested, here's some basic stuff about me, in bullet points because those are fun:

- I go by Fireweedfield on here, idk if there's a nice way to shorten that so call me Aurora!

- I'm 20 as of February 2021

- I'm European and I study biology at a uni in Scotland

- I'm on ao3 by the same name

- The profile image isn't me, just a drawing i really liked

- I'm really into rock climbing!

- My faves shows a pretty comprehensive list of all the fandoms I've ever been into, though I'm not into all of them anymore (my supernatural phase came and went about four years ago)

- On that note, a lot of the stories in my faves are really good, I'd recommend checking them out!! (Can't vouch for all of them, a lot i read in like 2014 but still)

- The above applies especially if you like strong female characters, fix-its, time travel, crossovers and other aus

- I've been drawing for pretty much my whole life, send me a request and I might do a pencil sketch of it!

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