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I seriously love cartoon couples so that is what most of my Fan Fictions will be about if you would like to know

The couples i will have are one's in show's, couple's that I wish were in show's, or a character that i pair up with a made up character

Bold=one's in show's

Italic=couple's that I wish were in show's

Underline=character that i pair up with a made up character

The pairings I will have are the following:

Young Justice:(M'gann,Connor),(Jamie,Angel)

Green Lantern the animated series:(Razer,Aya)

Yu Gi Oh:(Yami,Tea),(Tristan,Serenity)

Jak and Dakter:(Jak,Keria)

Ben 10 omniverse:(Rook,Venus)

Every witch way:(Emma,Daniel),(Maddie,Diego),(Andi,Phillip)

Class of the titans:(Jay,Theresa)

Sly cooper:(Sly,Carmelita)


Digimon tamers:(Takato,Jeri),(Rika,Ryo),(Henry,True)

Digimon Fusion:(Mikey,Angie),

Yu gi oh zexal(Yuma,Tori)

My little pony:(Twilight,Flash sentry)

Yu gi oh 5D's(Yusei, Akiza), (Jack, Carly)

Justice League Unlimited:(Batman, Wonder Women), (Green Arrow, Black Cannery), (Shayrea, John Stewert)

Happily never after:(Rick, Ella)

If their are ones that are bold and italic that is because i am not sure of their status

Shows I love are:

Every witch way, Young Justice, Green lantern the animated series, Yu gi oh, Ben 10 omniverse, Class of the titans, Digimon, Digimon Data squad, Digimon fusion, Digimon tamers, Yu gi oh zexal, Yu gi oh 5D's, My little pont friendship is magic,austin and ally, Mako mermaids, H20

If anyone has suggestion's for a fanfic I will do it Thank you

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