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Greetings, I am Derpy/Padparadscha Blue/Arturia Pendragon

My current Fandoms

Steven Universe


Kill la Kill



My Hero Academia



Stories I will Probably not Work On;

To Wish To Be: In Progress, Ch 1 done, Ch 2 done, Ch 3 done, Ch 4 planning, Haitus/Discontinued

Fusions: Onyx ??? = Purple Charoite , Onyx ??? = Snowflake Obsidian , Onyx ??? = Black Opal , Onyx ??? = Rhodonite , Onyx ??? = Tanzanite , Onyx ??? = Chrysophase

A Ravens Descent from Darkness: In Progress, Rewriting, Haitus/Discontinued

Fate/Phantasmal Order: In Progress, Ch 1 done, Ch 2 not in the works, Haitus

Forever Rushing Tides (the one in Japanese that may or may not be the real translation lol): Ch 1 up, Haitus/Discontinued

Monster in The FranXX: Ch1 up, Haitus/Discontinued

Stories I am Working on/Will work on

Adventures of Hiroyuki: Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3 finished, Ch 4 in the future

Expect the Unexpected (Displaced): Ch 1 in planning stages

Future Stories

Note: I will respond to flaming, either through Guest-Reviews in an AN to personal PM's. I love reviews, and I encourage them. Please note the following: I am Autistic, I don't enjoy jokes about such things. I am easily triggered by simple things. I do curse. Alot. Sorry. I am going through various phases in my life where it is not enjoyable, so please know that I am here, I am just dealing with problems. I'm also very fucking gay.

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