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Rimshooter is my brother who often helps me by beta reading and bouncing ideas. Our first cooperative project, Angelic Layer Neogen, is posted there but is on hiatus until he finishes all of the other stuff he has piled up... which is quite a lot. At the moment he's focusing on helping me with my Sisters story (which I intend to make a series) and an unnamed Mabinogi story (aliases exist for a reason). The story he's working on is up, brownie points if anyone figures out which one it is.



Hidden in the Dark Beta - Will knows her sister well, but her sister no longer knows her at all! A letter finally finds its intended recipient and the gears of fate turn. Not even the Guardian of Time can predict the future now. Alternate version of Hidden in the Dark Alpha.

Neyr Deus: Story of the Four - A year after the disbanding of Riot Force Six, the members have gathered for a reunion, only to be interrupted by a sudden Incident that leads to large civilian casualties and property destruction. In its wake, they discover two unusually talented girls.


Hidden in the Dark Alpha - After regaining her memories, Hotaru learns her mother did not, in fact, die in that fateful lab accident. Instead, she left Souichi and returned to her homeland. With this came another revelation. Hotaru's not an only child! Original version. Short Hiatus.

Angelic Layer: Neogen - Revolutionary changes have been made to the layer, and of course enthusiasts have flocked to them like moths to a light. But not all is as it seems to some. And to some others, all they know, about themselves, and others.. may be a lie. R&R. Undefined Hiatus.



Neyr Deus: An AU Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha role-play. No canon characters.

Restless Shards Alternates: An original role play based around alternate realities and time lines.

Pluto was no longer declared a planet on August 27 of 2006 just because it was "Too small" and "Off it's orbit" for a couple scientists likings. If you still think Pluto should be considered a planet, copy and paste this into your profile.

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