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I don't write any Fan Fiction... I just read it!!!

(I'll try to write reviews, tho... That's only fair, huh?)

By the way... I do have an epic ... Epic... EPIC (!!!) story in my head. I wish I could write it. It's such a cross over of multiple shows, movies, musicals but set in an alternate universe (of course). It's seriously screaming to come out. I just can't write it. :(

Partially because I'm too lazy and kinda content living it out in my imagination.

And... Partially because it has no end. The only right ending I can come up with would be killing off one of the main (and one of my favorite ever) characters. The actor who portrayed the role tragically died too young, too soon, too close to really making it big, etc etc.. years and years ago. I am such a dork, for real, it's been over a decade and it's STILL hard for me to accept, so I just couldn't bear to kill him off on my own story... Even though it's really the only way to end my saga.

So until I gain the courage to write it... Or find that ending in which he lives, but still does justice to the rest of the story (not just copping out!)...


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