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Hey there.

The name's RedrumSprinkles. I write fanfiction. But you know that, 'cause you're here. And if you're here, it means you probably like my writing. And if you like my writing, I like you. :D


My first story has concluded! It's "Time to Say Goodbye": A military sci-fi fic where super-soldier Naruto has been placed in charge of the Konoha 12, and dropped into combat. Hijincks ensue.

My second story has begun! It's "The Ones You Love Mean More Than Anything": a RWBYxEvangelion crossover fic where Ruby finds herself in Tokyo-3, and must navigate the inherent dangers and mysteries of life after Second Impact. Currently on indefinite hiatus.

My third story has begun! It's "A World of Bloody Evolution": a RWBYxWarhammer40k crossover fic, where Yang finds herself lost on a strange new world, in a universe where war is the only answer. It will be updated weekly. Hopefully. Maybe.

It has a TV tropes page, found here: http:///pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/AWorldOfBloodyEvolution! Thanks so much, MrTerrorist!

My fourth story has begun! (I need to stop coming up with ideas...) It's "The Shining Legion": A RWBY Roman Empire AU fic! Faunus, dust, and... Centurion Ruby Rose? Uh-oh. Super nerdy, and it's so full of notes, latin, and miscellaneous history facts, that you might actually learn something! Currently on extended hiatus.

Always feel free to drop a PM or review, I love to hear from you guys! :) And (CONSTRUCTIVE) criticism is even more appreciated, especially a well-supported, in-depth critique.

For those curious about my inspiration, I'm a huge fan of Ender's Game and other, similar sci-fi stories (shocker, right??), as well as brutal, realistic war stories such as Brothers and Arms, The Pacific, and other such things of that ilk. I also like war documentaries, "Restrepo" in particular. (The influence of which is heavily felt in TtSG). The Warhammer 40k fluff and Halo games are also favorites.

I'm also a big fan of RWBY. Duh.

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