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Hello, hello, hello

OK that only brought pain and suffering to those who read that but I am truly too awesome to say sorry.

I am a regular girl who likes reading but sucks at English, comprehension and such has never really been my strong point and will never be. Sadly, because of that I can't write a book which I would love to but can't. I have a bunch of ideas inside my weird little brain, I would be willing to give some of these ideas away either to the fanfiction public or my mother. My mum could totally write a book with ease, my dad built an entire shed for her used books which are all huge. But I'm drifting from my point...

I enjoy skateboarding, swimming, reading, playing video games and sleeping.

Oh yeah and I dress like a hippy, also I'm like a non-magical, less insane Luna LoveGood. If you are not too weirded out yet please continue reading, I dare you ;) Just kidding I'm too lazy to say anything else.

Before I go I would like to state that if you are oh so desperate for a beta reader I think I could help. :)

see ya!


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