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I like pizza...

What happens when something is fast neat and average?

I Like to Read :Naruto, Bleach, Hunter X Hunter,Get Backers,and 666 satin(which has nothing to do with religion), amung others, as far as manga goes.

I'm a big fan of science fiction and fantisy and read a variety of books in those categories. Recently I have come to love books by David Webber and L.E. Modessit Jr. Jim Butcher and Jim Bernheimer also known as jbern here on . Mark L Van Name is another one.

I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who and Torchwood and both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

I'm also a big fan of Harry Potter and while I didn't like the ending to the saga the series itself has an exponential amount of potential.

I have written a few stories,but nothing I would put on I like to write original stories mostly and every now and again some fanfiction.

Check out my c2 for more of my favorites. I put most of my Harry Potter ones on there because I ran out of room in my favorites when they had the max number of favorites set at 100.

As of 7/8/9 (haa its funny because 7 ate 9...)

Just a short list of fantastic stories like:

Betrayed : by kateydidnt

-a fantastic Totally AU HP Fic. Very nice.

"Browncoat, Green Eyes" by Nonjon

it's a harry potter firefly crossover. i love both and so this story really made me happy. That and it's written by nonjon.



P.S. After reading my profile you've probably wasted 1 minute and 14[like a machine/ Jay Zeamer*cough cough* -please no one get that reference] seconds of your life. Cheers :)


Chapter 8 in ANBU is 15% complete. Done outlining just need to write. It will be a long chapter, 8-10k I think, so I might split it into two chapters.

The final chapter will be an epilogue 1-2k words leading into a sequel that I probably won't start, if not in the next couple years, then likely not at all.

The epilogue is 30% or so complete.

If someone wants to pick up the story or take ideas from it send me a private message and I'll likely oblige. It may take me a few weeks to get back to you however.


Well obviously i didn't finish in time. Time ran out and here I am today with less time and the problem of interests bouncing around like crazy. I have a Hp fanfic that i outlined to about 200k words with about 8k actually written. Probably won't post it here unless i actually write more than 25k of it and miraculously have the time to write it. Have a (of all things) Pokémon fic that i'm writing. don't ask why, i read a good fic here and the idea kind of popped into my head. it's the only Pokémon fic on my favorite’s list and it is the only good Pokémon fic i have ever read(and finished).

Then there is my naruto fic. *sigh*. i have it outlined. just need to write it... dejavu anyone? we'll see. i do plan on finishing it but my life is busy right now. about to go out for training in the woods for 8 days with only 2 MRE's and some chickens for survival training. then school starts again in the fall. This summer i actually have to take a class. busy, busy, busy. I apologize for shit taking so long to write.

I don't have an estimate for when anyone can see another chapter from me as i honestly don't know. at the earliest: a month from now. the latest well... it's been a year since my life got really busy. It will be a while before i have lots of time off. Thanks all for reading my stuff. I enjoy reading the reviews.

P.S. I'm alive.



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