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I'm thinking of not posting actual stories, but ideas for stories. Some I may one day write on my own, but will more often than not allow other authors to steal the stories and write them for me (so long as they send me a link to the finished piece and deal with me wanting to collaborate).

That day has come, for the past few weeks, but its come. I started writing a story so of course I thought up a whole series; including sequels, prequels, and spin-offs. Gonna try to aim for once a week release, but it'll be more like once every week and a half. Once the summer months end though, that goal will be in doubt, we'll just have to deal with that we come to it.

Message me if you want to use one of my ideas, I use this user name for a lot of other websites (devientart, Tumblr, Archive of our Own, Youtube, etc.). Also if you get want to message me to talk about fanfics in general. To discuss my story, your stories, or any good stories you've read. Don't be shy, I don't bite.

OTPs for Naruto: NaruSaku and all its sisterships. If your fic has narusaku in it as an endgame pairing, I will read it.

NOTPs for Naruto: Honestly, I'm not too picky about any of the other pairings. Except for sasusaku-I mean, Jesus F*cking Christ. Like, a fic can have sasusaku in it. As friendship or a tease. But never as a romantic endgame pairing. So by the end of the fic, Sasuke and Sakura cannot be together. Sakura will be with Naruto because she realizes that she loves him. That being said, I'm ok with sasunarusaku, I just prefer that Sakura be a little more into Naruto. Same goes for naruhina. It can happen. Hinata can be apart of Naruto's harem or whatever, just so long as Sakura is in it too. I respect the validity of both pairings and everyone's individual right to ship and enjoy them. But after reading 700 chapters of Naruto, they just leave a bad taste in my mouth. (So if you're gonna steal one of my ideas and switch up the pairings to naruhina or sasusaku, don't bother sending me a link. Its not my cup of tea.)

Stuff to know about me: Born February of 95. I live around Detroit. Study animation at CCS. I love the outdoors. I played Football for 5 years in highschool and still don't give a crap about sports. I mostly read narusaku fanfictions. My love of thinking up stories outshines my drive to actually write them. And if you send me hate, I will be wounded, but you will only serve to make my skin thicker.

Rule 1 of writing fanfiction: Have some fun for God's sake.

Grittiness and realism have their place, and those kinds of stories can be as refreshing as a cool beer, but at the end of the day we're all writing out of love for our series and if we're not having fun, then this is a second job we don't get paid for.

This is a hobby that I love.

Also, I don't so much review as give witty comments about the chapter I just read.

Update: I just read the terms and agreements for uploading stories on this site and I'm concerned that if I post my ideas as is, it will be considered a list or a challenge (which it kinda is). So I'm just gonna post them to my bio for now until another fanfic writer tells me its ok.

If I wasn’t a lazy writer I would write these myself.
Until then, I’ll post them here for anyone to comment on or steal my ideas. Just send me a link to the finished story.

If you wanna rework these ideas to fit your own ship, go for it. (not that I could stop you either way) I only discourage poorly written fanfiction.

1) suddenly a portal opens to the RTN universe and out steps Lady Sakura the Hokage and her fiercely loyal body guard and right hand man, Menma.

2) after the war (don’t follow canon) Naruto and the boys are bored with no new enemies to fight. After a night of drinking they end up destroying 10 sq miles of forest acreage. A pissed off Tsunade decides to teach them a lesson by sealing their chakras and forcing them to replant the forest by hand. Sakura and the rest of the kunoichi are assigned to watch their male counterparts work up a sweat under the summer sun. Plenty of fanservice ensues. Feel free to include Taka and the Sand siblings.

3) Naruto and a squad of OC are captured by master sealers. They seal their chakra and torture them in a POW camp. And to top it off, they broadcast our hero’s suffering to every TV in the 5 nations and treat it like a game show (complete with announcer). The kidnappers intend to break the spirit of the Leaf by breaking their hero. While advertising their seals to the rest of the world (if they can repress the power of the Sage, then no one is immune). For added angst, have Sakura and friends mount a rescue mission. When Sakura runs up to save a weakened Naruto, have the bad guys erect a barrier between them at the last second. Sakura can only watch in horror as Naruto is beaten and dragged away not 5 ft away from her. She’ll desperately pound on the barrier. Which will only come down once the bad guys have escaped with their captives. Don’t worry, they’ll save him next time. They just need to come up with a more clever plan.
Inspired by that Unbroken trailer which I never saw and haven't finished reading the book yet.

4) Naruto has become the most eligible bachelor in Konoha. In order to make a quick buck off this. Tsunade holds a tournament to find a significant other for Naruto. Civilians and ninjas all flock to compete for a date with the blonde. From cooking challenges, swimsuit competitions, to battle royal between the top 3 contestants. Those being Sakura, Hinata; and in a surprise turn of events, Sasuke (not female Sasuke, a gay for Naruto Sasuke). Sasuke was hiding his appearance with a cloak and hood until the final battle. Be sure to have someone in the audience make an end of the Uchiha line joke. Also, add an announcer (love the funny ones).

5) A series of long chapters telling the stories of each of the Konoha 11’s bachelor parties. The Hangover shenanigans occure. Go crazy with this one. From starting wars with allied countries to dimension jumping. The boys party hard, but always manage to get the groom to the wedding on time. With or without a raging mob in tow.

6) Tsunade wants Naruto and Sakura to have the best anniversary dates ever. So each year she recruits their friends to help ensure this. So of course things get really out of hand, really fast. I’m thinking interrogation taking place in the restaurant kitchen as a disguised Hinata tries to keep the love birds from noticing the village is under attack. Classic "what could possibly go wrong" and "every time they interfere they just make it worse".

Update 2: Here's a link to a narusaku fanfic that I thought up and gave to another fanfiction writer on Tumblr who posted it to Archive of our Own http:///works/3389429 and here is her his Tumblr page http:/// go nuts!

Update 3: More narusaku fanfic ideas (if these stories already exist I would infinitely appreciate a link)

7) An affair fic post 700. Sakura finally gets around to reading the Make-Out series. Turns out Kakashi is right, the plot is interesting. It revolves around the affair between a powerful Kage and the village's Head Medic. This gives Sakura some ideas...

8) AU, or not. Romance between doctor and nurse. Dr. Haruno is one of the most accomplished young doctors at Konoha teaching Hospital. Trained by the now Dean of Medicine Tsunade, and dating the emotionally distant but exceptional Dr. Uchiha. Her life seems perfect. Until she starts falling for the new male nurse Uzumaki. Who reminds her of the power of the human element to medicine. Which her no nonsense boyfriend is slowly making her forget. But she better sort out her feelings quick, rumor has it that a certain brunette nurse has her pale eyes set on Naruto as well. Be sure to include scenes where Naruto acts like the sunshine to a bunch of cancer kids' days. Anyone remember that Johnson&Johnson Nurse's heal commercial with that male nurse? Like that.

Roles for the rest of the cast: Ino: psychologist, Neji: surgeon, Lee and Tenten: physical trainers, Shino: coroner, etc. Not important to the story, I just like to see the Konoha 11 get involved.

Influences: House and Scrubs

9)This is a long one. Basically it is inspired by the Pacific theater of WW2, specifically Guadalcanal. Ninja naval battles and island hoping. Also an affair, but feel free to rework it. Warning: The description is literally the whole plot. If you aren't interested in writing it, massive spoiler warning.

Never mind, I wanna try to write this one myself. Wamp wamp...

Ok, you can look now...That's right, keep scrolling, don't look up, nothing to see here...

Update 4: Just the one this time, but it popped into my head and I don't want to lose it. Never mind, I thought of some others.

10) Prank fic. Sasuke has returned and has been accepted back into the Leaf. Now under the direction of the Clan Restoration Act, he is going on a series of dates with all the noble ladies and powerful kunoichi to find himself a matriarch. Naruto, convinced it will bring Sakura happiness, want to sabotage all of Sasuke's dates so that she will have a better chance with Sasuke. Of course what Naruto doesn't know is that Sakura is only helping out with these pranks because she enjoys spending time with Naruto. Watch these two "best friends" make their teammate and his every possible pairing's date a living hell. No seriously, every pairing, except sasusaku of course, what would be the point of that? Although it would make a good final chapter...go crazy and have fun.

11) Naruto's roof collapses and he is scraped for cash. With peacetime killing off the high ranking missions and the baby boomer genin taking up all the D ranked missions, Naruto comes up with a brilliant plan. When that fails, he goes with plan B...

5000 ryo to learn the Rasengan.

Soon half of Konoha and a few way ward travelers flock to learn from the Hero of the Leaf. Including one pink haired medic and a blue haired clan's heir.

12) He shouldn't care, he normally wouldn't care, but Sasuke has had it up to here with his two favorite teammates not getting together already. He sees them cuddle during movie night, sleep next to one another on missions, and eat out of each others ramen bowls. Yet they keep thinking they are unworthy of one another. What does a guy have to do to get his two best friends to just f*ck already?!

Update 5: My collab fanfic is up on this site! Click here

What if Sakura pursuing a relationship with Sasuke after the war wasn't out of devotion to him, but to the Leaf? With old feelings bubbling up, can the Leaf's greatest Kunoichi steady her resolve or will she finally give in to her heart's true desire? Find out here first on Heaven's Lament.

Update 6: ...meh I got nothin'...

13) Kunoichi Appreciation Day. A holiday enacted by the 5th Hokage to celebrate everything the female ninjas do for their village. A time for their male teammates to give them gifts and praise to show how much they care and appreciate them. Then for the girls to meet up at a hot spring to gossip about their male counterparts and realize some romantic feelings because why the f*ck not?

Also I want Orochimaru to send Tsunade a bottle of sake and a card. Cause he maybe a cold hearted pedophile, but even he can appreciate his old teammate. (Might wanna make the holiday older then...)

14) Sensei Appreciation Day. A longer standing tradition where the Shinobi give gifts to their various masters. No need for romance on this one. Just make it a big fluffy mess. Naruto of course will have more gifts to give than most. Iruka, Kakashi, Jiraiya's grave, Killer Bee, Tsunade for the Hokage training; go nuts, whoever you think helped Naruto become stronger. I wanna hear from all the other ninjas as well. ghostpoet just called dibs. That being said, nobody has a monopoly on ideas so if you think you can do a better job, prove it. ;)

15) Mystery Ninjas. I wanna see the Konoha 11 plus Sai trapped in a mansion trying to solve a murder mystery. They split up into squads, each reenacting a different mystery solving group or trope. Team 8 would be Scooby Doo. Team 10 would be the beauty, the muscle, and the brains. Team 7 would be the idiot, the doctor, and the gay. Team Guy would be the team that gets confused and goes around karate chopping street thugs to get the answer.

Update 7: Some more fic ideas straight from the writer's room. Which consists of me and all the voices.

16) Breaking Bad Naruto Fusion. Post Pain Arc AU. The Leaf village has been decimated. As such, funds are being rerouted from missions to rebuilding. Meaning Naruto and Sakura won't be able to go on anymore Bring Back Sasuke Missions. Growing impatient, Naruto remembers a quickfire way to make money that he learned from his travels with Jiraiya; slinging dope. Sakura knows the chemistry and Naruto has Jiraiya's spy network for distribution. Together they will work outside the system to bring their comrade home, restore the Leaf village to its former glory, and may or may not create a drug empire after all the money, power, and sex goes to their heads. I don't know, sh*ts gonna get crazy, but that Breaking Bad series had an ending that worked out well for everyone involved right? Right?

(Yeah that's right. Naruto is Jesse and Sakura is Walt. And yes I would like a lemon between them. Or at the very least the two of them going to the strip club to celebrate a huge sale.

Hinata can play Skyler. As in, that annoying chick trying to be the voice of reason but we all wish would go away. No, no naruhina. They get as far as dating before we go full narusaku.)

Require line to be added later on. No exceptions.

Sakura: Say my name...

Goon: You're Haruno.

Sakura: Shannaro.

Naruto: Yeah bitch! Dattebayo!

17) Hinata's reconning. Post 700 AU. Either have Naruto divorce Hinata or have him be caught cheating. The point is I want Hinata to be so pissed that she has her clan threaten a coup. I'm sick of affair fics where Hinata just feels sorry for herself. Girl has loved this idiot unconditionally since her birth. She gets betrayed or tricked like that I would snap too. I'm not saying let her win thou. Have Sakura come in to remind her who the actual heroine of this series is. Hint; she has two thumbs, pink locks, and a right hook that caves in mountains.

18) Another affair fic, OR IS IT? In the wake of passing Neji's Law, a rumor begins to circulate about a certain pink haired matriarch leaving the Hokage manor while Lady Hinata was away. In an effort to do damage control, Shikimaru tries to get Sakura to back up their story that it was all a big misunderstanding. The only problem is, Sakura was black out drunk on the night in question. And the last thing she remembers is a desire to see Naruto.

In the end, the rumors are enough for enemy politicians to discredit Naruto and blacklist his new law. Which leads to Naruto having a chair throwing outburst/rant at his birthday party. Of course it turns out that Hinata and Sasuke were the one's having the affair and used Naruto's own rumor to cover up their own.

The point of the fic is to focus on how devastating he says she says rumors can be. No one will believe Naruto to the point that Sakura begins to believe the rumors herself.

Update: 8: Usually I give these out in pairs of threes, but its been awhile and I can't remember why I bothered...

19) Konoha Summer Camp. The Konoha 11 have gotten on Tsunade's nerves one too many times and are all reassigned to act as camp councilors for the Ninja Academy's annual summer camp. One whole month of cleaning up, looking after, and entertaining a few hundred ninja brats. Everyone is dreading it. Except for Naruto, who was never allowed to attend camp as a child and was absent on his training mission with Jirayia back when the Konoha 11 first worked as camp councilors. Can Naruto's happy go lucky attitude change everyone's perspective to actually enjoy themselves? Can Sakura convince Naruto that she actually has fallen for him when he didn't believe her the first time? Can the Will of Fire be passed on to another generation through lame campfire songs? The answer to that last one is no, but the other two are still up in the air.

20) Change the Future Fic. After the events of The Last, Sakura is settling in to life. Naruto has found the love of his life, Sakura is training to become Head Medic at the Hospital, and surely Sasuke will come around eventually. That is until a mysterious young lady appears, who claims to be Sakura's surrogate daughter from the future. Sarade has come to ensure that Sakura and Naruto get together to ensure that the evil revolutionary Bolt is never born. Can she succeed or is the future set in stone?

Points to note: In the future, Naruto and Sasuke have one final battle where the both of them die. With Naruto's dying breathe, he transfers the power of the Tailed Beasts to his only son Bolt, which proves foolish as Bolt misuses the power to start a revolution in honor of his late uncle. The destruction that follows forces Sarada (sasukarin's daughter but raised by Sakura) to time travel back to the past using her Rinnegan to prevent Naruto and Hinata from ever getting together. The only way she can think to do that is by getting her surrogate mother Sakura to be with Naruto. This is because Sarada only remembers Sakura being truly happy when around Naruto and not around Sasuke.

21) To prove that I'm not a salty hypocrite for that last one, here is another Time Travel fic involving an evil son.

Time Travel AU: After the birth of Shinachiku, the Uzumaki family is attacked by a Sasuke from the future. Who warns them of a tragic fate for their family. Seven years down the line, a mysterious rogue ninja attacks the village and kills the Hokage and his wife. Leaving Shinachiku orphaned. Despite being beloved by the village and raised by all of Naruto and Sakura's friends and mentors (Mostly by Sasuke and Karama), Shinachiku grows up to seek revenge against the ninja system that took his parents away. He ends up creating a revolution that will forcibly unite all the Shinobi Nations under one ruler, himself. Sasuke tries repeatedly to stop him, but after the death of his own family of Karina and Sarade, has no choice but to use the unpredictable time travel jutsu to go back and try to kill Shinachiku when he is at his most vulnerable (Sakura is weakened from childbirth and Naruto is distracted. Plus in the future, Shinachiku is under the constant protection of all of Naruto and Sakura's friends.) It is eventually revealed that the mysterious rogue ninja who started all this was in fact Evil Shinachiku, come to ensure that he is set on the path to revolution. Future Sasuke fails to stop Shinachiku from killing his parents, but not before they can create a video tape message of themselves for their future son and sealing the tape on the body of baby Shinachiku to be release a decade later. Teenage Shinachiku sees this tape and it sets him on the right path. Creating a timeline where Shinachiku grows up to be Hokage like his father before him. Future Sasuke is also left alive in the past, where he takes the opportunity to nudge his past self into getting together with Karin sooner. So that Sarada can be born earlier and falls in love with Shinachiku.

Update 9: Pretty much all of my writing now happens in collaboration with cmartin on Cmartin-Panda Productions

Click there to read plenty of crossover fics including

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Naruto: Legend of the Triforce 3D
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Update 10: If you'd like to read some of my non-fanfiction writing, check out my wattpad page /JohnKrauss

I'd recommend Trainer, if you like Space Operas.

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