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Rated M Profile (There's your warning.)

Likes: Yaoi, Romance, and a lot of other things I can't think of.

Dislikes: Prudes


Fullmetal Alchemist



Hunter x Hunter (Killua is Bae and Hisoka is Daddy)

Vampire Knight (Kaname x Zero)

Naruto (Neji is Daddy, Gaara is Husbando, And Kiba is Bestie)




Junjou Romantica (Yaoi)

Sailor Moon (Fucking Prudes but still love 'em)

Full Moon Wo Sagashite (Not okay with the ending T_T)(My feel were hurting too much.)

Black Butler (Sebby Daddy)

Yuri! One Ice (Viktor's ass is Daddy. But Chris ass is Life.)

(Endless List)


Kaname x Zero

Viktor x Yuuri

Sasuke x Naruto

Kanda x Allen

Light x L

Natsu X Gray or Gray X Natsu

(Slowly dying of blood loss)

Sebastian X Ciel

Usagi X Misaki

Roy Mustang X Edward Elric

Itoki & Tokiya(Or vise verse)

Shinomiya X Syo

Ren X Hijirikawa

Ren X Tokiya

Any other couples from Uta No Prince-sama

Mystic Messager Ships (Every Possible one). *Where do I begin?* (Zen, Seven, and Jumin are Life, Love, and Daddy in that order)

My Stories

Love is Like a River: I'm pretty inconsistent with updating because I never made an outline for this story. I pretty much had an idea and went with it, although, that doesn't mean I don't take my time to bring every chapter together for the ending.

My Lover: Dead. I don't want to take it down because the idea I had for it keeps circling my head but I just can't seem to make an outline for it. I need to do more research on D. Gray-man as well.

Passing time: Complete. I might make a prequel or Sequel. I haven't decided.

The Sun and The Moon: KZ one-shot based on a quote.

Who are you: Abandonment in a nutshell. Forever incomplete. My suggestion is to NOT read.

My stories are all KZ minus My Lover*

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