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Sebaspe PM
Joined Oct '14

Nickname/gamertag: Sebaspe

Age: 18 year old

Dreams: Becoming a writer OR a videogames designer (Let's see what happens first)

Country: PerĂº (Lima)

Languages: Spanish and English (I believe to have a good level, however my grades this year don't support me. Every little grammar mistake I make correct me please.)

Hobbies: Anime, videogames, reading and now writting

Objective: Improve my English and writing capacities. But most important: To make people smile at least for a few seconds.

Fav Animes:

Sword Art Online To Aru Majutsu No Index Zero No Tsukaima Fairy Tail Ao No Exorcist

Fav Videogames:

Assassin's Creed saga Far Cry 3 The Witcher God of War Tomb Raider (remake) Batman Arkham series

Fav books:

Memorias de Idhum El Ejercito Negro The Dark Tower Narnia Chronicles Song of Ice and Fire

Message to the world:

"Always find something to smile for. Even if it is the smallest thing. A fake smile is easier to transform into a real one than a sad face."

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