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Orpheus Michael Kidwell PM
Joined Oct '14

Former Profile: Orpheus Kidwell

Due to the fact that someone felt the need to hack my former profile, I was forced to make a new one under this name.

I guess I'll tell you guys a bit about me.

Name: Orpheus Michael Kidwell, my pseudonym is all you need to know.

Age: Old enough to die for my country, too young to drink alcohol. Funny, isn't it?

Gender: Male, just like the original Orpheus.

Social: (Let's Play Channel)

Location: I hate Florida so much.

Likes: Writing, Gaming (mostly RPG and strategy), Music, Reading, Chess, Learning

Dislikes: Most Sports, Any Discrimination, Bullies, Rapists, Serial Flamers

Hobbies: Probably same as Likes

Dreams: To become a famous writer, to create my own anime with my sister (SleepArypsure), to live through the apacolypse

Religion: Let me get back to you when the world agrees all religions are part of the truth and give it a name



-Final Fantasy (ALL)

-Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

-Rosario Vampire

-Star Wars

-Sword Art Online

-Trinity Seven

-Wheel of Time

Favorite Pairings:



-NarutoxMizore (Rosario Vampire)

-NarutoxSoifon (Bleach)

-NarutoxSuguha (Sword Art Online)


Top Ten Naruto Characters

1.) Yuki Haku

2.) Akasuna no Sasori

3.) Uzumaki Naruto

4.) Konan

5.) Sabaku no Gaara

6.) Sabaku no Temari

7.) Fuu

8.) Outsutsuki Kaguya

9.) Uzumaki Kushina

10.) Deidara

Character Themesongs:

-Heir to the Goddess-

-Senjuu Naruto:

-Uzumaki Tsunami:

-Namikaze Arashi:

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