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The Fifty PM
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Age: 16

Color: white-ish

Name: call me Fifty

Gender: male

Height: why would you want to know that?

Address: no.

I do intend to continue my first story (Second Chances) however I plan to COMPLETELY rewrite it, I made many mistakes in both plot and grammar and such. So worry not my dear followers I have not abandoned you!

On another note, my new story has been so much fun to write that second chances had been pushed back a bit. Sorry bout that. However my new story, which was originally to be a 8 to 9 chapter short story is looking like its gonna be more like 20 to 30 chapters.

Sigh, writing has officially taken over my life...

Another important thing to note, I do all my writing on my ipad. This leads to some technical bits that limit what I can do, the most recent of this being the inability to post more than six thousand characters (spaces, letters, ext.) per chapter. Every time I try by device be like "bitch you can't do that, imma crash yo shit." It's annoying but all it means is that some chapters will be in two parts so for now it's fine.

"I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are." - Mewtwo

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