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Hi all, My name is Spriggan. I am the youngest of five and the only daughter. I grew up in northern Indiana, and my life journey took me and my family to Northern Florida for college. From there I followed my dreams through Nursing school to New York City, for an excellent live in martial arts program. There I met my extremely talented, loyal, (and hard ass husband), who makes me a better person and ensures I train in my martial art very often and eat healthy (except the chocolate I stash in various locations around our apartment).

I just finished my masters as a Nurse Practitioner and am currently looking for a job in southeast Florida. Let me know if you know of some openings. I speak intermediate Spanish, if that makes a difference, and my Nursing background is Med/Surg Tele/ Observation.

I am also thinking of starting a family some time in the next year or two. I need to get my first NP job first. :) Save up that nest egg!

I have an old story on here that is a harry potter/rurouni kenshin x-over. I probably won't finish it, but I don't promise not to at some point if I am suddenly inspired.

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