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Reading fanfiction is a hobby of mine, and I am picky with them. So naturally I don't have many favorites. In fact, I only favorite what I would say are really good fanfiction

I may write fanfiction, but before you read them, I must warn you. I am not the best writer out here (probably the worst XD).

There is only one ship I support, and that's Demumbridge.

Pm me. :)

Many had wonder where the Pink Fluffy Unicorn would be at the end of the Rainbow. But many may of not know this little secret that the unicorn had.

She enjoys adventures, and the adventures are in a form of pages.

And no, I don't own The unicorn.

Story Time!!

Brothers: A Story.

I tried to keep it like the game. Confusing and weird (in a good way). At least I tried XD.

Not exactly my best work, although I needed to write this out to help get over the game. .

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