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I'm a lurker more than a writer. I'm writing this to prevent a total blank space from being here. English is my first language and I'm a perfectionist of sorts. I'd be willing to beta stories for mechanical correctness, but I don't have the creativity to provide the sample writing required to create a beta profile through the site.

Male, 20-30, white, U.S. native, 6' with a manly beard smooth face (R.I.P. beard, 2014-2017) and voice. With this information you have enough to stereotype me and imagine how I sound/look like when reading what (little) I write. This only matters if you read personal writing as speech like I do, of course.

I have a habit of turning anything I type into a minor essay (I blame my reading habits as a kid; I was a nerd when it meant caring more about being smart than people). I also have a habit of assuming everybody else has most of the same understanding I do (on the Internet and in person) so I cause confusion when I communicate; let me know if something I've written doesn't make sense and I'll happily respond with clarification.

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