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Hello There!

My name is AlphaMewtwo.

i havent been on here in awhile. i might write my stories now and i might publish them on wattpad so watch out!

Note: All my fics will be rated M, because i dont feel like making kid friendly stuff.

Info About Me:

Favorite Pokemon?

I have a couple, Rayquaza, Gengar, and, obviously, Mewtwo.

Favorite FanFics?

I have to say Betrayal fics, and Journey fics.

Favorite Shippings?

AshxSerena AmourShipping

AshxAnabel AbilityShipping

AshxMay AdvanceShipping

AshxLillie AureliaShipping



more to be added once asked...

Current Stories:

Pokemon: The Kanto Episode

Ash Ketchum, a 10 year old boy, wakes up late the day he sets off on his journey through the Kanto region. But not alone, with his brother Raeven, and close friend Serena, he is about to change the world, in many ways. From fighting villains, to even love, Ash is about to have the time of his life. AmourShipping. Takes place in Kanto. Rated M to be safe. Part 1, of a many part series.


Chapter 1: Not Started

Chapter 2: Not Started

Chapter 3: Not Started

Broken Down Ashes

After the Kalos League, Ash Ketchum came home, and he felt a pain he thought he would never have to feel ever. Betrayal. Thats all Ash Ketchum felt when nearly all his friends turned their backs on him. All but a few brave souls. Years after the betrayal, a mysterious man gets invited to first ever, Pokemon World Championships, and plans to rise to the top, and redeem himself. AmourShipping. Takes place in Kanto/Johto. Rated M to be safe.


Chapter 1: In-Progress

Chapter 2: Not Started

Chapter 3: Not Started

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