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Gracie15Trowa PM
Joined Oct '14

My Name Is Gracie ( I Don't Like Grace That's Why I Added An "I" To My Name)

I Am Born On The 15th

I suck at writing I joined by mistake I just wanted to leave comments and have them reply back to me If you have updated without me being a pain in the ass. Sometimes I love to be annoying so don't take it to personal...

I do work but im manly here reading or at other sites reading

Ps.. i don't study I just love / like reading or watching anmie.

Like / Favorite / Love

Anime; Inuyasha, Trigun, Twelve Kingdoms, Saiyuki, Bartender, , YuGiOh, One Piece, Full Metal Alcehmist, Zoids, AppleSeed, Gundam Wing, YYH,

Disney, Pokemon, Gargoyles,

Animals, Mythological Creatures, Demons, My Sister (Sometimes)

Yes I class my sister as an animal I trained her to. When I whistle she comes. And when I say chocolate she runs.

I - Love - My - Yaoi

Hate / Dislike

Working (Who doesn't)

The Sun (It Burns)

Church (That Was Really Hard To Type)

Half Of My Family (Again Who Doesn't)

Clowns (But I Love The Joker weird Right?)

Im allergic to Pink (I Maybe A Girl But Come On Not All Girls Like/Love Pink)

Hate Green Foods

My sister (She'll never see this mwahaahah) unless I show her

Quotes From Your Fanfictions I Love

" Than fall, for I think I shall be the one to hit the ground first, and I will catch you when you reach me, " Turning Tides ch 5

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