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Hi! Nice to know someone is interested to know about me. ;) I just newly joined fanfiction though I have been reading many of the stories for sometime now.

About me...

I am a girl . I loooooove reading , reading and listening to music. Most may call me lazy but thew just dont realize that I am on a power saving mode or... ok maybe I am lazy. I love reading fanfiction stories because it shows it strays from the original story line, I dont care even if it is the same story but with a different perspective. What I like seeing is your imagination, creativity and writing. Reading a good story is like having a savory bite of chocolate for me.

My stories...

I am a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Chronicles, Gakuen Alice and Vampire knight. I am a die hard romantic and prefer happy endings, I can even bear bittersweet endings but not a tragedy. I like realistic stories where the guy just doesnt fall for the girl in a few meets. I will try my best to be realistic and not turn a hypocrite. If you are reading this please eeview my stories. I want to improve them and learn.

Thnx for reading!

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