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Welp, all I wanna say is, hi. Yeah pretty lame I know but what else is there. Now onto Information.


I'm a girl, for those who are wondering, and I really love to read so that's why I guess i'm here for. On the idea of writing...maybe? I dunno. I don't really mind writing, it's just that I don't really think that I would ever finish a story if I started one. And one shots are really cruel. Since I love being super evil when it come to ending, unsettling messages is kind a forte for me :) .

But if I do end up writing something I hope I turns out a fun experience.

Other than that, I tend to review a lot. Most of the times I try to provide positive criticisms and try to help authors if they are in a rut. Like if an author needs or wants prompt suggestions or if they want to know how I personally feel about something, I happily try and present that.

But most of the times in my reviews I will write how the chapter affected me, If something bad happened I will gladly lose my mind in the review.

If any anyone, author or not, wants to Pm me I will read and answer back as soon as possible. But I am a college kid so it may take a bit for me to get back, if y'all know what I mean...

Have a lovely Day/Night!

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