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Hullo, I'm Rei.

I'm 28 years old, and have been rummaging this site for five-freakin'-ever. I, uhh, had my own stint of writing, as a teenager, on Quizilla, penname Renoumaru. Who remembers that shizz? Quizilla, man. Home of the Choose your Own. I'm not sure if my writing has improved at all, since that time, and am hesitant to try again. Maybe I will.

Till then, I'm reading. Maybe you'll wanna' read what I'm reading, too. Everyone on my favourites is an accomplished individual; they're worth looking into, even if they haven't written in years. Some stories are half-finished, or overly-long, or are so old, that the writer has improved a dozen times over. They're all signs of their growth, though. So, ya'know, show 'em some love?

Uhh, that's it. Thank you.

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