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I'm sorry to inform all of you, those who were reading my stories, that I have discontinued my writing. Even my original work has been pulled from fanfiction's sister site, fictionpress. I'm in college now, and since my junior year of high school, I have had severe writter's block. That does not mean I've lost my passion. I would love more than anything to get back to my stories and put my imagination down on paper. I just can not find a way to over come this wall. I do appreciate any reviews I recieved, and maybe one day I'll return and finish the few things a started. Until them, fare thee well.


Instead of putting this thing in everyting I write, I'm putting it here, so pay attention. I, in no way, shape, or form, own any characters that I may write about. All characters belong to their respected creators, whether they be from Harry Potter, Slayers, InuYasha, or any other anime, book, or whatever else I choose to write about.

Also, if you do like what I write, I would like it if you either did not review or if you do, do in the form of constructive critisim.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. Good day to you.

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