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I have no idea what I'm doing I'm just an 18 year old girl and freshman in college who loves to read fanfiction and tends to read too much (there is never too much reading...till you get sick and have forgotten to eat in two days...) I hope that many people write many stories fanfiction is for everyone and to those who bashed people's stories because it doesn't meet your standard f..ck you just leave and don't read no need for violence and hatred. everyone is working their butts off for their stories and they don't need any more crap than what life gives them.

Favourite books: everything basically from fantasy, sci-fi to romance

Least favorite things: bullies they can all go to hell I had my dish of bullies and learn to stand up for myself as well as to forgive some of the ones who deserve forgiveness, puppets they freak me out! I avoid them like the plague, abusive people I've read many things about them even meet a dog who was once abused and had to be held back so I didn't kick the old man ass or make him look like a fool, Victoria secret it is a death trap! The only way I'll go there is when my friends drag me there and even when they don't I run away the minute a see pink oh yeah and pink the color pink annoys me I'll wear it but won't like it.

Favorite things: the rain it calms me even though I can't go outside,books I like to read sue me! I actually did I speech for a class assignment in high school it was about the give me liberty or give me death! I did mine about books and I aced it! My raccoon and turtle stuff animals one of my best friends gave it me and I love it to death and my brother gave his old stuff turtle it's so cute! I guess music wise everything besides country I will only listen to it because my best friend like it but even then I'm beating my head against the wall.

Favorite pairings:

Digimon: Davis(daisuke)X Tk(takeru), Tai(taichi) X Matt(yamato), Kari(hikari)X Ken, davis x Ken, davis x tai, davis x Matt, Sora x Joe, Sora x tai, Mimi x Joe, Mimi x izzy, izzy x Joe , izzy x tai, Kari x izzy,Kari x Cody

You may notice I didn't pair yolei with anybody and to tell you the truth I hate her with a passion. and if I ever meet her in real life I'm yanking her hair off and yelling at her no one is perfect so stop acting like you are and leave poor davis alone!

Danny phantom: Danny x Sam, Tucker x Sam,

Yeah with danny I feel like his pairing will do good in crossovers I especially like when he's pair up with harry potter or robin other known as dick Grayson...Danny I feel like he makes a good uke and I'm ok with him turning into a girl but I feel like it would be cute and adorable for him to be an uke, and besides Sam and danny I'm happy they got together but it's a bit cliche.

Ghost hunt:Maixnaru aka Oliver, yasux Masako, John x masako, monk x ayako, lin x madoka, lin x mai, gene x mai, gene x yasu

Hands up if mai and naru look adorable together and the author should have gotten them together! I was so sad that they didn't get together though it was implied that they would or at least that Naru had some kind of romantic feelings towards her and besides at the end it seem he was jealous of gene? Ghost hunt is a good anime and manga though the romantic side was bland you could feel the love~

Dgray man: AllenXKanda, LenaleeX Lavi, Tiki X Lavi, Rhode X lenalee

I love Allen if I ever meet him I would ask if he would be my brother and annoy kanda, as well pull pranks on Lavi. I really don't like lenalee and Allen together I feel they have a sister and brother relationship than a romantic one. Tiki and Lavi is hot! The charismatic noah and energetic bunny so much smut. Lenalee and Lavi make a good couple it's funny how they are portrayed by other people how they get together. Before anybody tells me Rhode is younger than lenalee, May I remind everyone she's physically a child but mentally older than lenalee but still their have been cute fanficts about them together so don't knock it till you try reading it.

Harry potter: Harry x Draco, Hermione x Ron, Luna x Neville, Ginny x Cho, Neville x Pansy, Blaize x Neville, Blaise x Luna, Blaise x Ginny, Severus x Harry, Severus x Sirius, Severus x Remus, Remus x Sirius, James x Severus, Lucius x Severus, Cedric x Harry, Draco X Hermione

I have so many pairings that I can't type them all, but I mostly like it when Harry's paired up with someone from another crossover. I don't really like the harry and Ginny thing I mean I feel they make it better as siblings and I feel like he was pressured from everyone into marrying Ginny...meh well these are my favorite pairings. There is one pairing I despise with my whole heart harry x Ron no offense for people out there that love this pairing but I mean Ron is always brash, and jealous of harry and is quick to judge things before confirming them so I don't think that will be a good relationship.

And now I will introduce all of you to my Hime-neesama!

Hello all, as I was introduced, I go by Hime. To Ai here, it's Hime-neesama, but of course, that's only natural; she needs to respect her elder sister, after all. As Ai is, I am generally a fan of most of the pairings that she has listed thus far, though my list is more extensive. My main role for this account is acting as a Beta Reader (as often as I am able to), so it should be expected that most of the grammar in the stories will be done by me. However, for some things, such as this introduction page, I have not edited it, nor do I have the desire to do so.

I look forward to working with you in the future. *Bows*

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