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I am not a writer! I am a reader who has been reading fan fiction for over 10 years, with fan being my main source, though there are others, this site has the most variety. I think the new restriction and deletion of content is blatant violation of the 1st amendment and if the moderators of this website wish to keep younger children from reading stories that are too mature for them than to have a disclaimer stating that they claim to be the appropriate age; this allows the website to be no longer held liable for any stories, and allows those whom are actually old enough to read the stories, the ability to read fine works by talented authors.

I will not have any stories written by myself, all I have are favorite authors and stories, most of which refer to mature content such as sex, drinking, violence, homosexual relationships, from a variety of fandoms and genres.

If you're reading this I can's imagine why, but if you're looking for a talented author or story, see if my recommendations match what you're looking for.

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