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Wonderful image by aaron_5 on . (Sauron) Mamoswine image by SanjulWhiteShadow. Bleach images by Maithagor. Naruto KCM image by Desvitio. All art can be found on Deviantart.

Want a paranormal/fantasy novella with a dynamic female lead? (For teens and young adults.)


Male and an adult. A bit out there though.


Fan of Naruto, Kingdom, Vinland Saga, and One Piece.

I loved Digimon Adventure and the Pokemon anime as a child. I still love Digimon and am fond of Pokemon. I recommend the Digimon V-Tamer manga to any fan of Digimon. Very different from the anime, but still an excellent interpretation of the Digimon world.


Pokemon teams for Into the Wild.

All partners will be named, but I’ll only be mentioning the names of the team members that have been named, or mentioned.


Trainers from Pallet

Ash Ketchum: Gore the Piloswine, Willow the Ivysaur, King the Kingler, Grace the Vulpix, Hellfire the Houndoom, and Kakuna.

Gary Oak: Aria the Magmar, Wedge the Magneton, Eevee, Tunnels the Dugtrio. Abra and Gary never connected, so he let her stay with Sabrina. Ah-ree-ah for Aria.

Daisy Oak: Pins the Nidoking, Eia the Espeon, Dewi the Dewgong, and Dria the Dodrio. Eia is pronounced Eye-ah the Espeon. Dew-e the Dewgong.

Oak: Wave the Gyarados, Arcia the Typhlosion (deceased), Amphadora the Ampharos, Granyte the Sandslash, Fearia the Fearow, Plains the Tauros. Arcia is pronounced Ar-kEE-ah.

Delia: Meowsy the Persian, and Mimi the Mr. Mime. (Ah-kay-ah) Acaya is more of a childhood friend than a partner.

Ron Roberts: Druz the Onix, Muddi the Quagsire, Cama the Camerupt.

Druz is pronounced Dr-Uh-z


Trainers who aren't associated with the League

Ritchie: Sparky the Pikachu, Psyduck, and Rhyhorn.

Samurai: Pinsir, Growlithe, Butterfree, and Ledian.


League teams that have appeared so far.

Brock: Zircon the Onix. Canon Geodude is a Golem, canon Marshtomp is a Swampert, canon Crobat, and a Kabutops.

Forrest: Rocky the Onix, Maggi the Magcargo. Sandy the Hippopotas and Graveler were pokemon he was training for the Gym.

Misty: Hero the Kingdra, Sissy the Slowbro, Crusher the Feraligatr, and Hero’s sister Ine the Seadra. Also, Psyduck. Not sure if he counts though. Ine is pronounced Ey-ne

Erika: Bloom the Meganium, Parri the Parasect, Ivy the Tangrowth, Janga the Tropius. She has a Victreebel but she couldn’t bring it with her to Lavender. Pah-rri. Jahn-ga

Sabrina: Glace the Hypno, Vivi the Ninetales, and Mr. Mime. She also has an Alakazam.

Mr. Fuji: Talc the Marowak, Abira the Crobat, Hellfang’s grandfather, Fang. The other two members of his team have passed away. (Beryl isn’t actually a member of his team. She’s just Talc’s granddaughter who lives in Lavender.) Talc’s name is pronounced Tah-lk

Corey, Neesha, and Fergus have their teams from the movie.

Janine: Saur the Ivysaur, Hopper the Kangaskhan, and Crowie the Golbat. (Gaari was only a childhood friend who wanted to travel.) Gaari’s the adopted daughter of a Gengar that belongs to the current Gym Leader of Fuschia, Aya. Officially she’s the Fuschia Gym’s Pokemon. Gahr-ee


Rocket Teams:

Luke: Umi the Umbreon, Whirr the Electabuzz, Blacktooth the Houndoom, and Golbat.

Silver: Jira the Armaldo, Myza the Hypno, Night the Sneasel, Keeper the Scyther.

Chermaine: Ursa the Ursaring and Whirl the Poliwhirl


Known Transcendent Pokemon confirmed to be living in the current era:

Indigo the Moon Goddess, Prehnite the Onix King, Champion Karen's Hellfang, The Black Fog of Lavender Town, The Titan of the Deep, Professor Oak's partner Wave.

Dialga, Palkia, Raikou, Suicune, Entei, Moltres, and Articuno.


Powerful wild Pokemon

The Ninetales that can be found hunting near Mt. Moon from time to time. She's Grace's ancestor. Quite possibly the strongest wild fire-type in Kanto now that Hellfang's moved.

The Rhydon matriarch who lives atop Rock Tunnel. One of the most powerful pokemon in the world. She's defeated pokemon hunters and ace trainers alike.


Historical Characters

Grand Tamer’s team: Aerodactyl, Clefable, and Empoleon.

Lyra the Conqueror: Aoife the Kangaskhan, Flora the Meganium, Venomoth, Ampharos, Exeggutor, Hitmontop. All six of her monsters participated in the battle against the Titan and the Pokemon that followed him. And she had help from the Mahogany Town Gym. Aoife is pronounced, ee-fah, ee-fee or (W) ee-fee (W) Ee-feh. I prefer the last one.

Champion Flora (Yellow the Gentle): Gorro the Golem, Chu the Raichu, Ratty the Raticate, Draga the Kingdra, Dodi the Dodrio, and Butterfree. Goh-ro. Yellow’s named after Lyra’s Meganium.

Brandon Blackthorn the Great (or the Butcher): Jira the Tyranitar, Serenity the Lapras, Gyarados, Hydreigon, Dragonite, Alolan Exeggutor. Gee-ra

Dreyfus Blackthorn the Just: Silver the Charizard, Crystal the Dragonite, Kingdra, Altaria, Rhydon, Venusaur.

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