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Hi, WinterShield13 here, but you can call me Winter, Wintershield, or, if you so choose, the Great and Powerful Rock Snake. I'm new to publishing Fanfictions online, I used to keep them to myself, primarily, but figured I'd give this a shot.

My main fandoms are Marvel, BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson(Both series, I love 'em), and Supernatural, but I like reading/writing Ed, Edd, n Eddy(There are not enough RolfxEd fics). Captain America is my favorite Marvel hero, followed by Black Widow and Wolverine.

In Marvel I ship SteveXBucky like UPS, Clintasha should be canon, so while I have no hate for Laura please just no, and I occasionally ship Science bros, though I usually view it as more of a bromance.

My main ships in Sherlock are Johnlock and Mystrade.

All of My Doctor Who ships are canon other than shipping Jack with everyone, which I do.

In Percy Jackson, I've been known to ship Nico with nearly every other male character, so if I write any Percy Jackson fics you never know who he'll end up with, though I might also write some CaLeo, or write fics about our canon couples.

In Supernatural, Destiel is life. I ship it like UPS as well.

I accept constructive criticism just fine, but please, don't be rude, and suggestions or prompts are always welcome! Thank you!

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