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Busy, busy!

After a long, long vacation away from writing because real life required most of my time, I've returned - sort of. I'll write when I can, but I can't promise anything. I might just stick to a collection of one-shots from here on out, honestly.

Remnant's Reclaimer

Old and vaguely embarrassing is what comes to mind. My plotting was bad, my characterisation inconsistent, grammar atrocious, filled with cliches and I can't genuinely vouch for the romance in the story. All in all, guh. I know it got huge, at one point it was literally the most popular RWBY fic on the site - which is insanity - but dang, it's not very good. Look my guys, all the support and well wishes and general encouragement reealllly helped get me through a tough part of my life. Many thanks to all of you feel like I want to continue writing is non-existent.

I know I made a lot of big statements about the story that I didn't live up to, and yeah, I am sorry about that. I won't jump the gun and cancel it straight out, either, because stranger things have happened than me wanting to return to an old story. Just keep in mind that RR might be well and truly played out.

I LIVE~! 28'/06'/2017

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