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Hi! I'm JuMiKu, a German girl of 22 years, who is studying to become a teacher of Philosophy and English.

Games, books, anime, etc. I like to read about most:
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Final Fantasy
Fruits Basket
Ouran Host Club
Death Note
Angel Sanctuary
Kingdom Hearts
Buffy the Vampire Slayer be honest I only read fanfiction about this, as the German version is hazardous to one's sanity. For example Itachi didn't kill his clan, he kidnapped and hid them all! Yeah, he's a demented easter bunny.

Fics I loath:

1) Mary Sue-stories - I swear if I got a cent for everytime I read a summary beginning with the words, "A girl...", "The sister/daughter of..." or "(insert random feminine name that doesn't fit into the world she is thrown into, but has pretty meaning)", I'd be filthily rich now. Why do people continue throwing their perfect-self through "vortexes" and such?
2) Prince-Princess AUs - It wasn't interesting, when it was written for the first time and it's not going to get better no matter how many are written. Not to mention these stories usually have nothing to do with the original thing they are about.
3) High School AUs - See 2) ...only worse. If at all possible...
4) Band AUs - See 2)
5) Harem pairings - Has nobody ever told you that having more than one wife is illegal? Is it that hard to pick a single girl and be happy with her? Honestly this is not just offensive towards emancipated women, but also towards men, considering the fact that if the character was actually female you wouldn't call that a harem-pairing (notice the "pair" in "pairing"), but simply call the character a slut. You think there has to be a triangle? Perfectly fine. There has to be four people involved? Okey. If you think so... You think your character should have seven lovers, because he (or she? I have yet to find one with a female protagonist -- Someone was nice enough to point out that there is such a thing as "reversed harem"... Such things usually seem to end with the female character picking a single guy though!) is that awesome and has that kind of stamina? Erm... In what age exactly do you live? Do you think your girlfriend would accept you having half-a-dozen other girls?

Please don't take offense, despite my rant I'm aware that a good author may turn every story idea into something worth reading.

If you liked the Pokémon, when you were a kid, why don't you try this online adaptation?

This is the very quest-heavy version:


This is the faster version and without the gigantic quests:


Another very nice game. This time it's game about Naruto, where you can manage your own ninja team:


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