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Okay this is to all who care but if my profile hasn't updated in a year and I don't respond to your PM's then it is safe to say I have kick the bucket.


My name is J├Ąger.

current Age 29. Whelp I have passed the quarter mark of life here's hoping I make it to the half-time.

I am a Male.

Current armor: Blood Dragon Armor from ME2 but painted black and the red dragon replaced with a blue wolf. Also the helmet is gone instead have the sentry interface.

Personal Ship: The Outlaw Star painted Black.

Personal Starfighter: VF-1S veritech fighter.

Current Weapons: Jak 2/3 morph gun, 1911 pistol's, 2 throwing knives with 1 tomahawk.

I can not for life of me write a story but I like reading them.

At best I am capable of giving idea's to authors and make decent reviews.

P S Most of my idea's come from simple observation or shows and wanting to see them in others.

My bio is a simple one I am just a fun loving Smart A* Midget who always be there for my friends.

Likes: Playing console 1st&3rd person shooter games, Watching Anime and Action/Sci-Fi/Humor shows without commercials, Going to the Theater to see new movies, reading Fanfiction, Walking on a nice cool day, going to party's, Skydiving.

Dislikes: School, The way the world is, Bullies, Spoiled people, Writers who beg for reviews but don't even answers the questions left in them, People who think their better than others, Slavers, Heat, Writers who leave a story up for years unfinished, Rapists, Stories/shows/games that have scenes of rape in them.

Favorite TV Shows: Stargate SG-1, Gundam Wing, Star Trek Enterprise, Impractical Jokers, Tenchi Muyo War On Geminar, Falling Skies, Defiance, Outlaw Star, Gundam 00, Black Lagoon, Dog Days, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Vandread, Naruto, G Gundam, The Familiar of Zero, Gurren Lagann, Zoids Chaotic Century, Zoids New Century Zero, Chrome Shelled Regios, Cat Planet Cuties, Princess Resurrection, The Ambition of Oda Nobuna, Last Exile, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Star Ship Troopers Chronicles Roughnecks, Attack On Titan, Majestic Prince, Jormungaud, Log Horizon, Magi The Labyrinth of Magic, Akame Ga Kill, X Play, Hellsing Ultimate, Swat Kats, Digimon Tamers, Teen Titans, Ghost In The Shell, Mike & Molly, Marvel Agents Of Shield, The Flash, Eureka Seven, The Blacklist, Eureka, The Big Bang Theory, Home Improvement, M*A*S*H, The Orville,

Favorite Video Games: Steambot Chronicles, Star Wars Rebel Assault II, Eureka Seven Vol 1 & 2, Urban Chaos, Jak 2 & 3, Ratchet and Clank Going Commando, Ace Combat 4, Ace Combat 5, Ace combat Zero, Red Faction II, Area 51, Mass Effect 1-3, Gears of War 1-3, Lost Planet 1-3, Saints Row 2-4, Halo 3, Halo ODST, Halo Reach, Halo wars 1, Skyrim, Crysis 2, Call Of Duty Series, Destiny, Titanfall, Rage, BulletStorm, Metro 2033, Metro Last Light, Bully, Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Star Wars Battlefront 1&2, Brutal Legend, Medal of Honor: Frontline Assault, Star Wars Jedi Starfighter, Fallout 3,

My Personal Code: I fight for the dream of a peaceful tomorrow for all those willing to follow, wither I accomplish this dream or a mere stepping stone to it the mere fact that I was apart of this dream is more than enough for me!

Favorite type of Genre Harem/Action: Nothing is more fun then seeing a main character kicking A* and trying to survive Multiple women coming after Him/Her.

!My idea's for naruto stories PLEASE PM ME if you want to adopt them!

1st A Naruto/Saints Row Series: Crossover, Rated M, Genre Adventure/Humor/Romance, called Rise of the Gangsta Shinobi.

A long time after the events of the 4th war Naruto finally dies of old age and finally becoming Hokage while raising a family. Naruto wakes up in what looks like a Palace he has never seen before and hears a powerful voice telling him to walk a certain path further in to what looks like a Throne room. When he enters he sees the Shinigami siting on his throne but before he asks what is going on. The Shinigami tells him that when Minato made the deal for the sealing he didn't realize when he said out loud that he wanted Naruto to be seen as a Hero, That became part of the deal and when Konoha didn't honor the deal AKA hurting Naruto both Physically and Mentally the Shinigami is honor bound to make up for the broken deal.

He fixes this by offering Naruto a "Normal" new life in a different verse but will still have his memories and powers, Also he made a deal with Kami to allow Kushina to train him in Uzumaki Fuinjutsu and Kenjutsu, Itachi to train him Stealth, Weaponry, Ninjustu and interrogation both Physical and Mental, Nagato to train him in using the Rinnegan, how to lead an Illegal group while staying hidden from governments and Rebel Tactics. Now since he is going to a new verse mean no summons also the Bijuu can't go with him. The Shinigami has an idea he splints the all the Bijuu in half and seal them inside Naruto while the Bijuu are giving him Knowledge on how to use their powers and also their previous containers Knowledge.

So after all the training is done Naruto gets sent to the Saints Row verse a little bit before the events of SR1, when he wakes up he finds out he is 16 years old again wearing strange clothes : Black steel toed Boots, Camouflage Cargo pants, a red belt with a skull belt buckle, a Chain wallet with the Uzumaki spiral on it, an orange tank top with a black leaf symbol on the back that clings to his skin, Tsunade's necklace, black Fingerless Leather Gloves with metal studs on the knuckles, a black leather Biker Jacket with the 3rd street Saints symbol on the back, Red Lensed Aviators sunglasses. He takes a look around and see's fem Boss who looks like Korra from legend of korra and her name is Raven, about to be killed and jumps in before Julius and Troy save her. From there follows the basic plotline of Saints Row 1,2,3,4.This is a harem story with a little AU in it mainly some characters don't die.

2nd A Naruto/Star Trek/X-overs: Crossover , Rated M, Genre Sci-Fi/Romance/Adventure, called A Whirlpool's Trek To The Stars.

This begins during the Star Trek: Enterprise show and continues through all the Star Trek Shows and Movies with some other Sci-Fi games and shows in it. During the First try of the warp drive a space storm hits the ship and overloads the warp engine and drives the ship off it's intended course. Captain Archer orders the warp engine to be shut down and repaired and also to get the sensors up to find out where they are. 4 hours later the sensors pick up something huge heading their way and are being hailed by it audio only, Archer orders Hoshi to answer the hail and they hear a deep male voice speaking Archer asks her can she understand him at first Hoshi doesn't believe it but she tells archer that the voice is speaking ancient Japanese.

She says that he is saying that they are trespassing in EN Territory and they must power down or be considered hostile. Archer is debating on it till he see's the voice's ship and it's escorts he and everyone else on the bridge is left speechless by them. The leading ship is a Hatak Mother ship from the Stargate series but with different colors the black ring is now shiny silver while the gold pyramid is now bright white, also 4 times larger than the enterprise. The 4 escort ships are made of 2 different ships, The first 2 are Asgard O'Neill class ships they are only 2 times bigger than the enterprise, The other 2 are Ori war ships they are 3 times bigger than the enterprise. Archers orders the crew to power down everything he knows his ship can't win even if it was fully armed. Hoshi says that the voice says thank you for complying but apologizes that they will have to escort them to the home world where they will be boarded and interrogated on why they were in their system. Archer is about to protest to this but T'pol says that we would've done the same if an unknown ship appeared in their home system.

The unknown ships form around the enterprise and the lead ship lances onto the enterprise and enters Hyperspace for about half an hour. When they exit Hyperspace they see thousands of ships just adrift near a garden world[ The Quarian Flotilla and The Geth Armanda from the Mass Effect Series, They also see hundreds of similar ships of their escorts floating in a protective formation both around the Planet and the unknown ships. They are being hailed by the lead ship the voice says that the leader will beam aboard into their hanger in 5 minutes to begin the interrogation. Archer takes T'pol, Reed, Hoshi, Dr Phlox and Trip along with 4 members of ship security team down to the hanger and when they get there a bright red flash blankets the room in bright light that makes them close they eyes. When the light dies down and they are able to open their eyes T'pol and Hoshi are left blushing and the guys are a little intimidated.

They see a young teen that is 5'8 ft. tall wearing skin tight armor [Crysis Armor with some samurai armor on it, weapons on him are fallout 3 plasma pistol and Mass effect Harrier assault rifle] he looks humanoid but with Purple Eyes with black rings in them, whisker marks on his cheeks, Bright Blonde Spikey Hair. But the most different if you ask the guys and the most cute if you ask the girls is the foxlike ears on his head and the bushy foxlike tail wagging behind him. They stand there staring for like 2 minutes in silence the unknown stranger says in English My name is Naruto Leader of the EN Guardian of this System and you will tell me why are in this system. This is a harem fic also this fic they will be more space and ground battles. PS Yes he is immortal but not the new Juubi or new ten tails he is now a hybrid of Bijuu and Shinobi.

3rd A Naruto/Defiance: Crossover, Rated M, Genre Adventure/Romance/Fantasy, called Return Of The Hero.

Due to the actions of Sasuke betraying everyone at the final battle of the 4th war Naruto had no choice but to use an old experimental Fuinjutsu to seal all the Bijuu and the rabbit goddess into himself. Thanks to his actions the war was over but Naruto was dying because no human body could handle that much power so all the survivors rush him back to HQ in hopes to save the hero who brought peace to the lands, Unknown to all how 3 certain beings of power are meeting with him in his mindscape right now. Our hero now wakes up in what looks like an endless void of white all of sudden he senses 4 powerful people around him, he looks up too see Kami, Yami, Shinigami and a crying but smiling Kaguya that one throws him for a loop. The gods congratulate him for bringing peace to the world and freeing the rabbit goddess from her curse.

They tell Naruto they have to seal the Bijuu into others or he will die but Naruto has a brilliant idea and asks the gods if it was possible to seal the Bijuu into summon scroll so they can be free and can choose who can use their power. They grant his wish and the Bijuu make him their first summoner while giving 10% of their power as thanks. When he wakes up he finds out he was in a coma for 2 weeks and while he was asleep they villages formed a permanent treaty so the wars will never happen again now Naruto didn't want power hungry fools coming after the Bijuu summons scroll so when he was asked what happened to them he told a half truth and said the gods visited him in his mindscape and took them away leaving him with 10% of their power. Some time passes Naruto marries all the girls that he has developed feelings for and the villages planed to make him the leader of all villages to keep the peace, The day before it happens the few remaining war mongers and nuke-nin attack Naruto.

Unknown too all Black Zetsu survived the 4th war and planed on freeing his mother during the attack while Naruto was busy mopping the floor with the idiots. Zetsu attacked him with a seal that Madara had made not knowing what it was for, after Naruto just finished the fight he starts screaming in pain his wives Hinata, Ryuuzetsu, Tsunade, Anko, Ino, Tenten, Amaru. Who just arrived run to his side right before the seal finish's. The seal works but it wasn't what he wanted instead of freeing his mother 1st it incases Naruto and his wives in a chakra glass sphere 2nd It seals all chakra away that is not in the sphere. Zetsu powerless with no hope of freeing his mother looks right at the villagers and say's at least I killed your hero.

The villagers after slowly killing Zetsu build a tomb for Naruto and his girls and set forward to try to rule the lands without chakra. Time passes the lands shift and everyone forgets about the tales of old and not knowing how those within the tomb are still alive. Eventually the Defiance plotline starts while en-route to an ark fall Nolan and Irisa see a massive razor rain storm headed their way, they see a cave in a mountain and decide to camp there till the storm passes. 5 hours later Nolan is asleep and Irisa is bored so she decides to explore deeper into the cave after about 15 minutes of walking she finds something that looks like ruins and see's something glowing inside. She walks in and see's a glowing orange crystal sphere on a pedestal with what looks like a headstone under the sphere. She walks up to it and wipes the dust of the stone and is surprised to see Japanese writing on it that says HERE LIES THE HERO AND HIS WIVES THAT BROUGHT PEACE TO A WAR TORN WORLD, She reaches out and touches the sphere and say's I wish someone like you was here to bring peace back to this world.

AN: I figured with enough time and with the terraforming of the planet the seal would break by just the lightest touch: As if reacting to her touch and wish the sphere starts shaking and glowing brighter till she has to step back and close her eyes, She hears what sounds like glass breaking and open her eyes to see a single male surrounded by females. They stare at each other for a while till the unknown male say's Hi umm where are we and who are you cutie. From there follows the defiance plotline but with Naruto trying to unite Human and Aliens together and bring peace to the world. This is a harem fic they will be more battles. The Girls to be added from the defiance series are Irisa, Doc Yewll, Berlin, and Kindzi. Please PM if you want more details and if you wanna write this fic.

4th A Naruto/ Saints Row/ Mass Effect: Crossover, Rated M, Genre Adventure/Humor/Sci-Fi/Romance, called Ninja Row Effect.

At the end of the war everyone but Naruto died due to the Madness of Madara/Jubi. Kami Yami and the Shinigami decide that Naruto deserves a second chance so they revive Naruto's girls Tsunade, Hinata, Mabui, Anko, Fem Gaara. They make Naruto their avatar or vessel [I never really know want to call a god's chosen warrior] After they give them every jutsu's, weapons, summons and bloodlines of the hidden village's, They send them to the Saints Row verse so he can have a *normal* life while getting more girls and having fun.

During Saints Row 1 and 2 since I didn't play them Naruto creates his own group called [The Ghosts Of Uzu] the symbol is an orange and black spiral, he then allies his group with the 3rd Street Saints while saving the saint characters that died during those 2 games. Naruto meets up with the fem boss of the saints as a fellow prisoner aboard the plane during SR3. From there the basic plotline of saints3&4. The girls from the saints series to be added to the harem are FemBoss, Lin, Shaundi, Luz, Kinzie, Kiki and Viola. After both Naruto and FemBoss defeat the Zin empire and Time jump back before the earth destroyed feel free to change that part. They reverse engineer the Alien tech with Earth tech a new golden age begins for humanity. The governments of earth and remains of the alien survivors vote for both Naruto and FemBoss as King and Queen of System Alliance, No one else wanted to deal with the paperwork and fans*evil laughter*. While colonizing Mars they find the prothean archives and add the tech to the people.

First contact is with the Quarians and Earth welcomes them into System Alliance and gives them a planet to call home. Eventually The second contact war begins when a Turian patrol find a Human/Quarian/Zin colony on Shanxi. From there basic ME plotline but with some changes. 1st The system alliance is equal to the strength of the council. 2nd good Cerberus and non xenophobic humanity. 3rd Because Naruto and his girls have chakra their Biotics are more powerful kinda like the force powers in Star Wars The Force Unleashed 1&2. 4th one of the main weapons used by the System Alliance is The ZF-1 from The Fifth Element. 5th The lost planet Mechs must be used by the system alliance. Okay the harem from the ME series is gonna be a long one so here they are. Canon FemShepard, Tevos, Tali, Shiala, Dr Chloe Michel, Miranda, Aria, Jack, Kasumi, Good Morinth, OC female Drell, OC Female Krogan, Samantha Treynor, Nyreen.

5th A Naruto/The Mummy/X-over: crossover, Rated M, Genre Fantasy/Action/Drama/Romance, called Shinigami 's intervention.

When the 4th summoned the Shinigami it sees the horrible fate the lays ahead for the young pure hero and is determined to change it. 6 years later during an annual God's meeting Mirage from Aladdin verse walks up to him and tells him of 2 souls in her domain who want to repent for their sins and past mistakes AKA Imhotep and Anck Su Namun. He asks what is it for her she replies that she wants Naruto for a mate, So cautionary choses them to raise Naruto and tells them of his Uzumaki heritage and he has to repopulate his people. Also on how much the world has changed. So it takes the Anubis army from TM2, Golden army from HB2, the Locust from GOW with the tech designs of the old world into a summon contract and tells them to have him sign it so he can protect his family in the future.

Here is the harem list of girls feel free to add to it, 1st Hinata, 2nd Ryuuzetsu, 3rd Ino, 4thKarui , 5th Hana , 6th Rin Nohara, 7th Fuu, 8th Fem Gaara, 9th Fem Sasuke, 10th Anko, 11th Amaru, 12th Princess Kaguya, 13th Kotohime Fuma, 14th Princess Koyuki, 15th Priestess Shion, 16th Female Lee who doesn't hug and cry with Gai-Sensei, 17thTsunade, 18th FEMALE Haku, 19th Kurotsuchi, 20th Mirage. Ok Here is the back story on the scroll, how the world changed and why the Shinigami has it.

1st After the events of The Mummy 2 Anubis is tired of mortal's using his army for evil deeds so he asks the Shinigami to seal them away. 2nd A few years later the Hell boy plotline begins in the same verse as the mummy because let's face it their both about the supernatural world so why not combine them into one. Any way's after the events of HellBoy 2 The Shinigami feel's the Golden army need's to be sealed away too to prevent those with dark hearts to ever use it again. 3rd After the events of HellBoy series the supernatural world as whole had to flee underground to escape the human's. Time passes and with the species mass crossbreeding end up making a new species called the Locust. While humans forgot about those who dwell below the Locust didn't and swore vengeance against the surface dwellers. From there follows the plots of Gears Of War 1-3. After all battles that took place during events of GOW the lands shifted into the elemental countries would look like. Also while the bomb during GOW 3 did kill the Lambent it also had the side effect of turning off all advanced machines for a long time. Plus all that were left were soldiers and civilians so no one knew how to fix the machine's or make new ones so eventually tech was forgotten and the tales of humanity history was also lost to the passage of time.

But while this was going on the Shinigami took pity on the Locust and sealed them away too. Also the Shinigami felt humanity may redeem themselves in the future so he took the all technological knowledge from corrupt souls and sealed the tools needed for them into the scroll too. During the Naruto timeline before the hidden villages formed the Shinigami's sister Kami tells him about the child of prophecy. So the Shinigami feels that this child may need the sealed army's in his or her quest so he takes three items from each army and melts them into something new from this era. 1st He melts Skorge's chainsaw staff and remakes it into a black/white/gold and silver Shakujo Staff with a hidden blade within and names it the Celestial Staff. 2nd He melts down the Scorpion Bracelet and Crown of Bethmora into a new crown the resembles the HellBoy 2 crown except it's color scheme is white/silver/blue/gold. While the headpiece is a white spiral with a black background, The new crown is named the Crown Of Will. Finally the god's and goddess put a spell on them so that only the child of prophecy may use to lead the armies within the scroll. By the way here is the general backstory I had thought up for this fic would go and with little AU and OC on certain events and Characters. Now I will try to list things in order of the timeline so if I get it wrong please correct me.

1st Princess Kaguya wasn't crazy and only turned rapists and murderers into Zetsu. Also the real reason Kaguya didn't give humanity Chakra was because she knew it wouldn't be used for peace. When her two sons grew up they became prideful, short sighted, foolish and greedy because of everyone giving everything they wanted. While her one daughter grew up to be the same as her kind, strong, smart, tricky. Kaguya was beginning to see the darkness retuning to people's heart and saw that her two son's were going to turn against her. One wanted her power for himself, the other one felt humanity needed to rule themselves and needed her power to do it. So before it happened she split her power to her 9 friends who helped her end the wars making them into the 9 Bijuu. Then she asked her daughter to hide them until they gain control of their powers. So when she was sealed they never gained her full powers but they never knew that.

2nd Before the clan wars and forming of the hidden villages the two son's used what little of their strength left and use a worldwide mind altering jutsu to make everyone hate the Bijuu and think of them no better than mindless beasts. But because they were so weak when they did this some weren't effected. Those with Kind Hearts, Wise minds, Dense or a lot of Chakra, and unbreakable will. Anyone with those qualities were not effected by the jutsu but because of the wars, peer pressure, fear and false information they kept quiet on how they truly felt.

3rd The Uzumaki's were killed because of 2 reason's. First since they created sealing people didn't want them to unseal anything including their weapons. Second and more importantly they were trying to unite the smaller villages and countries into one giant nation that values equality and peace than war and greed. The leaders of the villages and countries that Uzu weren't allies with planed their downfall. The leader of Fire country ordered Konoha to give up the plans of the defense's of Uzu or suffer the same fate, So with a heavy heart Konoha betrayed their allies but on only one term no slaves were to be taken and no rapes are to happen. They wanted they friend's to die in the heat of battle not in a cage being violated. Even when they combined forces in a surprise attack they lost 90% of their own forces in the battle. During the battle the Uzukage took all their jutsu, money and knowledge, Sealed them into a massive scroll and then put in the clan palace then covered it in blood and mind seals. So that way only a uzumaki with dreams of a peaceful world and with a pure heart could get inside.

4th The real reason Tsunade family were being killed everyone was afraid of someone with the 1st and 2nd Hokage power level being born again. Also they didn't want someone capable of using Mokuton and controlling their Jinchuuriki, So Danzo and a few corrupt Council members sell out her family for money and favors.

5th Orochimaru experiments were only on volunteers and death row inmates. Also they were on orders from the Fire Daimyo and Danzo. He never knew the order's weren't official so when Konoha found out about it Danzo framed him by forging papers making look like he did these for his own reasons. So when he fled he vowed revenge against this corrupt world and was determined to change it.

6TH These one is most Important Deviation from the Naruto plotline when Naruto retrieves Sasuke, The Fire Daimyo and Danzo and corrupt council member's both in Konoha and Fire capital Plot to seal Naruto powers/memories away making a mindless weapon and wed his girls to Sasuke by choice or by force. Also they demand all the jutsu, money and scrolls that Naruto owns be given as a wedding present before being sealed. Naruto overhears this and makes a decision he runs away to the ruins of Uzu with his family, friends, lovers while sealing away his compound in Konoha. But before they flee Naruto writes a letter detailing the evil plot and uses the summons and ninja messenger's and pay them to send it everywhere. While on the run they group found out only a few people were outraged by the truth. Naruto is sickened to find out how far the world has fallen.

He makes a vow to realize his clan's dream to unite the world and end the corruption and wars so he can bring forth an era of Peace and Equality. Naruto won't be godlike till the war begins in full swing he won't always win but never loses at best all fights end in a draw. Naruto is Cunning, Tricky, Funny, Sweet, but speaks in monotone and hides his emotions since he doesn't want to get hurt anymore. He is trained to use all weapons, has the main 5 chakra natures, knows Blacksmithing, able to use sealing jutsu, has medical knowledge that doesn't require healing jutsu. Now for Naruto's combat outfit I was thinking of SAO black swordsman outfit but the colors are Black for primary/Gold for secondary/Orange under shirt. Also due too there being no factories yet the firearms and tech will be like from the games of Metro 2033&Last Light AKA handmade from scrap.

!My idea's for sci-fi stories PLEASE PM ME if you want to adopt them!

1st Star Wars Clone Wars/Mass Effect: crossover, Rated M, Genre Action/Drama/Sci-fi/Romance, called Droid Effect

This involves either a OC/SI being inserted by the "FORCE" into ME to deal with the reapers since it wants them gone due to them hampering natural evolution and selection, plus it feels sorrow for all those lifeforms being killed/altered due to a faulty AI's "logic". There are two paths with this challenge in my mind here they are below.

A) Pre-ME1 insert Path: This path has the OC/SI arriving either 50 or a 100 years before the First contact war with humanity so there is plenty of time to build up a sizable force of droids/ships to aid certain factions in ME. Now this path requires the OC/SI to no longer look human for example imagine the Awoken from Destiny so that way if you write it to where the SA joins the council you won't be forced to join too and give the idiots of ME your Tech. Plus the change from human to whatever you write also allows the OC/SI a far longer lifespan so that why he can be fit and ready throw-out the ME games. Also this path allows you to have the OC/SI to have cloning labs full of DNA of certain SW races at best I would like only 3 SW races to be added for Example a army/navy consisting of 1st Tortuga's, 2nd Zabrak's, 3rd Twi'lek's.

B) Pre-ME2 Insert Path: This path has the OC/SI arriving 1 year before ME2 begins, also this path is strictly Droids/Ships only for the OC/SI to bring from SW into ME. Now this path will allow the OC/SI to stay human but would like for to at least gain the powers of Biotic's. Now this path has the OC/SI moving around non-council systems taking on Slavers and criminals with his Droids and to also gain the attention of TIM's group so when ME2 begins he can be recruited by Shep. This path has the OC/SI selling Astromech's/Protocol droids/ Medical droids to everyone threw a Proxy accountant forwarded by either Liara or a random but powerful Info broker with no ties to either the Broker or Tim's group. When ME2 ends the OC/SI starts mass producing the droids/ships for the coming war in secret even from Shep.

More details to follow like certain pairing or changes to the plotline will be given if Adopted.

2nd Mass Effect: AU story, Rated M, Genre Action/Suspense/Sci-fi, Called The Heroic Krogan.

2nd Krogan Effect: Okay in this idea has either a OC or a SI perhaps even a MC from a other verse dying/transported into ME verse specifically a Krogan body. First rule is this person must have knowledge of ME verse but somehow not allowed to talk about it. Second due to the lack of constant warfare during the entirety of ME timeline ME races/units have a dramatic increase in numbers therefore making the combat during the ME games far larger/longer. Third that ME verse it self has more military usage like the Normandy having a single fighter onboard to aid in the defense of the ship and aiding the troops on the ground. Now to make it easier to explain I am gonna be using a male OC named Drax instead of constant saying OC/SI/MC in every sentence.

Now when Drax reaches combat age it's near the start of the Rachni wars during the war Drax has climbed the ranks to the point he's in command of a Krogan force tasked in targeting one of isolated queens near the end of the war. When in route to the planet Drax reads the reports of this queen so he can figure out what to expect and is shocked to find that none of her brood have attacked any council forces and have not aided her kin in battles. So he comes up with a plan that while he knows could end up with him in chains he goes through with it cause if it works the war could end and a race won't have to die out. Basically he finds one of the queen not infected by reaper powers and manages peace between her brood and the council, the rachni ends up a client race of the Asari and because of Drax's action in both securing peace and keeping a race from being wiped out a major potion of council space views of the Krogan being nothing but cannon fodder and brutes changed.

Okay fast forward to the Krogan rebellions where Drax has now become a major clan head and commander over 25% of both the army and fleet of the Krogan people when he see's these idiots rebelling he sides with the council and stops most of the brutal attacks planed by his idiotic kinsmen. Due to his and the troops actions and helping the council against their own kind the Salarians scraped the virus idea. With both Drax's forces and the new rachni forces plus the Turians they were able to beat/kill all the rebelling Krogan leaders. The aftermath was brutal for both the Krogan and the council races but not as bad as was in cannon however because of his idiotic kinsmen Drax knows he must do something that while may hamper his people will go a long way to restoring their image/place among the council. When Drax is called in to a council meeting to decide the fate of the Krogan people he does something that shocks the council, he a proud and loyal Krogan leader willingly knelt and begged for mercy but not for himself but for his people. He say's he will command his forces to mothball and sell or keep grounded all Krogan military ships and force to army to disband into at best a police force and will allow the council to keep a fleet/bases in Krogan systems, and most importantly say's that the Krogan people will become a client race under the Asari like the rachni before them.

Alright now the Krogans are a client race under the Asari it has boasted the force the Asari can command, infact now thanks to both the Rachni living and Krogans not having the virus under the banner of the Asari has let them match the now reveled Turians. So now both C-Sec and CDF now are splint in half by the Asari and Turians. But due to Drax's actions the survivors or certain Krogans hate him for ruining their right to rule plus a lot of the Turian veterans hate him cause because of him there wasn't more glory for them to gain and also the Krogans are allowed to thrive under the Asari because of him.

Now fast forward to after the Morning war when Drax hears what the council has done aka banning and treating the Quarians like trash he wants to help them, but due to the Krogan now being a client race he can't offer them to live in Krogan systems due to the council forces stationed in them. So he instead sells/gives all the remaining Krogan ships both military and Civilian to the Quarian fleet and also he creates a contract with the fleet allowing safe pilgrimage on Krogan world's due to his people needing engineers to help rebuild or create Krogan cities.

Okay two more last little changes before humanity comes into the picture. 1st change has some veterans and greenhorns from Drax's forces forming a Merc company to defend people from all the pirates and slavers everywhere also namely to combat the bloodpack from gaining to much ground. 2nd Change has Drax forces and the rachni becoming friends unknown to the council and secretly prepare for the reapers return.

Alright now fast forward to the first contact war Drax hid among the system waiting for the Turians to make their f*k up with humanity when they do he high-tails it to the citadel and heads toward the Asari councilor. Who was most displeased about what was happening she orders a Asari fleet brimming with Krogan and Rachni ground troops to head to this "Shanxi" and force the Turians to stand down and leave the system. Now here you can A) have the Turian in charge not believe and attack this force or B) believe and quietly and shamefully leave back to council space. If you went with "A" path Drax ends up saving the alliance forces from being murdered in cold blood, If you went with "B" path well it's the boring one but it does show not all aliens are violent to humans.

Okay from there is the content of the games with Drax aiding Shep and her crew in the missions.

3rd Mass effect/Star wars crossover, Rated M, Genre: Action/Sci-fi/Harem, called Force effect.

This story idea was accepted and currently being written by the author "Asari Lover"

4th Star wars/Mass effect crossover, Rated M, Genre: Action/Romance/drama, called Imperial Insertion.

This story idea was accepted and currently being written by the author "bmanbeast57"

5th Mass Effect/Star wars crossover, Rated M, Genre: Action/Comedy/Harem/Drama, called Cerberus Insertion.

This story idea was accepted and currently being written by the author "bmanbeast57"

6th Mass effect/Star wars crossover, Rated M, Genre: Action/Sci-fi/Harem/Comedy, called Same BS Different Verse.

This story idea was accepted and currently being written by the author "bmanbeast57"

7th Youjo Senki/Star wars crossover, Rated M, Genre: Action/Drama/war/Sci-fi, called Saga of Inserted Evil.

Summary/intro: a fan of anime/sci fi movies is inserted into the world of Saga of tanya the evil, the catch this world is now in SW verse and the ROB who sent him here made it to wither he can either save this world and make it stand strong or die when the war comes there. Oh and if that wasn't enough apparently Tanya is "normal" aka no past memories but crazy protective over him since he was inserted into her little brothers body.

Ideally I think the best path is the insert has no power beyond being a mage/human, so that means no force powers. Nor the gamer powers we see all the time, instead his boon is knowledge of both earth and SW tech/weapons/gear/vehicles/concepts.

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