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Hi all,

You can call me H, that's what I respond to and sign all my reviews as. I'm a longtime reader of fanfiction -- started with Harry Potter waaaaay back in the day and have now moved on to Twilight.

I am overly obsessed with Twilight FF. I can spend hours upon hours reading it yet i'll whine and complain when it comes to ANY readings for school. Yes, I am in school working on an undergrad (perhaps two -- double majors and all that jazz) and FF allows me the chance to procrastinate to the best of my ability (and trust, I have a lot of good procrastinating skills). I am attached to Twilight like no other, but i'm a somewhat closeted fan.

I am a truly horrible reader because I suck at reviewing. If I have read your story but didn't review I'M SORRY! I probably loved it, I just can't review. I don't do constructive criticism (I can't really criticize...) so it always just becomes "Wow that was really great thanks for the update" or else I gush and ramble about god knows what. Anyways, the point is: Authors, i'm sorry I don't review but I love you for providing me so much loveliness!

Until next time,


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